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Our School Boards Are Under Attack by the Right Wing

From one end of this Arizona county to the other, Maricopa school board districts are the latest target for right-wing, Trump and QAnon followers. They bring in outside agitators, create chaos in public meetings and protest curriculums they fear and

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Rogan’s List for March 13, 2023

Protect our kids from child labor, book bans, and transphobia, plus more ways to work for progress! Contact all members of Congress: Contact White House or other federal agencies: STATE-SPECIFIC ACTIONS Share


Schmitt’s Dangerous Tirade

The Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt…is at it again. He has fought tried and true COVID-19 mitigation tactics since the pandemic began, but in the past week his efforts have escalated dramatically. On December


We think YOU should run for school board

We know Republicans are gunning for school boards around the country with the intent to influence our children’s curriculum.  We also know that we want our children to be learning about evolution,


Okaloosa Democrats September 2021 Newsletter

SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER Moving Forward, Together Democrats Are Making a Positive Difference in Okaloosa County Okaloosa Democrats are engaged in much more than registering voters and electing Democrats! Our mission includes being active community