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The California recall election is too close to call – which is a national crisis for Democrats. Here’s why. 

It’s bad enough that if Governor Gavin Newsom loses this recall election in 33 days, America’s most populous state will be led by a Republican hack with a head full of bad ideas. In the midst of a pandemic. 

But even worse, that horrible excuse for a governor would have the power to appoint a senator… meaning if Senator Feinstein were to leave her job, she would be replaced by a Republican – costing us our Senate majority and making Mitch McConnell the Majority Leader. 

We cannot let that happen. 

This national crisis demands a national response. 

So to all our passionate volunteers in every corner of the country: help us contact eligible voters now, register them as Democrats, and let them know to vote NO on the Recall. Sign up below to do this at a text bank, postcarding party, or social media storm. And if you’re trying to collect the whole set of activism action figures, there’s more, more, more with our partners DVCGDHQ, and Indivisible Northridge

Mail-in ballots are arriving in CA voters’ mailboxes as we speak. Commit to one action today, defend our blue stronghold California from a Republican coup, and make sure Democrats keep control of the US Senate!


FIGHT THE NEWSOM RECALL:LET US COUNT THE WAYS…You can help stop this madness no matter where you live. The key is registering new Democrats and urging them to vote NO on the Republican-funded California Recall. Here’s how! 

Social Storms: Social media your thing? We’ve created many pre-made posts you can easily share. Just go HERE, click start, and choose Facebook or Twitter. Happier on Instagram? Do the same – but use your phone! 

Postcards: Get started HERE on the art of postcarding. All you need are postcards, stamps, and a pen. Write like the wind! 

Texting: Emojis more your style? Then BYOP – Bring Your Own Phone – to this game-changing way of textbanking. Using your data plan, you can send texts from your computer. That means we don’t have to raise money for expensive texting software. (Full disclosure: this is a work in progress, so expect the unexpected!) This “pay what you can” textbanking can be a little challenging if you’re not super tech-savvy. Click HERE to sign up! Have zero dollars but still want to text? We got you. Just email us HERE and we’ll make it happen.  

Yard Signs: Order ’em (and other swag) HERE

Emails: We’d like to do those too, in a big way! (see below)

CHIP IN FOR RECALL EMAILS We have about 115k emails of Democrats or likely Democrats in California’s swingiest of districts, but to email this many people, we need to raise $843. Check the center console in your car for change and then slide one coin at a time in the slot HERE.


Don’t be alarmed. We’re just taking a little break next week to catch up on all the things… We’ll be back the following week!


TUESDAY, AUGUST 17:OP-ED WORKSHOP SOLD OUT!Our next workshop on the awesome power of Op-Eds (a follow-up to a smashing June event) is now sold out! Voting rights advocate, published Op-Ed author, and recent Field Team 6 volunteer of the week, Valerie Morishige, will be walking thirty lucky folks through the ins & outs of writing citizen Op-Eds to influence politicians and bring about positive policy changes. A reminder for those who scored a (virtual) seat… the event is Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm PT/9pm ET. And for those who missed out, watch this space… we might be able to convince Valerie to do it again. Op-Eds are such a powerfully outsized tool for change, we should all learn how to write them!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18:NEXT SOCIAL MEDIA STORMEvery Wednesday we hit the web to raise awareness for Field Team 6’s efforts to register Democrats and save the world. Recent storms have averaged over 10 million impressions each – incredible! These storms are making a difference and the more who join, the bigger the difference! Storm any time on your own or join our upcoming storm on Wednesday, August 18 at 11a PT on Zoom for some socializing and training to develop mad storming skillz! RSVP HERE. No idea what we’re talking about? Show up and learn! Our very own Deb Verla is literally a training professional and will make it fun and easy. And you can always find info on our latest storm as well as cool pre-made posts right HERE.


Have you ever wanted to write voter registration postcards in a group from the comfort of your kitchen table? Then our weekly postcarding parties are right up your alley! Join Postcarding Queen Laurie Mendik at our upcoming virtual shindig this Wednesday, August 18 from 2-3p PT. She’ll get you trained up and ready to write. RSVP HERE! If you’d like to order some of our incredible Shepard Fairey-designed cards, click HERE. And if you can’t contain your postcarding enthusiasm until Wednesday, feel free to get started any time right HERE!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 28:JOIN THE MARCH FOR VOTING RIGHTSWith voting rights under serious attack all across the country, it’s time to get marching in the streets. Since January, 48 states have introduced 389 voter suppression bills, and many have already become law. Anti-voting legislation works to hamper high turnout: banning ballot drop boxes and mail-in voting, reducing early voting days and hours, and even making it illegal to give water to voters waiting in the long lines these very laws create. GOP-controlled state legislatures pass these laws in the name of fighting “voter fraud.” But we all know the real reason for these racist, anti-democratic anti-voter laws – to cement Republican control of government despite the will of the voters. And they’re putting democracy and our very lives in peril to do that. Enough is enough – it’s time to take serious action. On August 28, mask up and join the march on Washington, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Phoenix and cities all across America. RSVP to March On for Voting Rights HERE.


Want to register likely Democratic voters in the key battleground state of Nevada? Using… Instagram? Then join Field Team 6 and our ingenious friends at Activate America (formerly Flip the West), who are pioneering this creative, new technique for reaching young people. We’ll be messaging likely Democrats from Nevada on Instagram – and registering everyone we can. Join us for a special training session on Aug. 31st at 5p PT. We’ll review everything you need to know – then you can start sending Instagram DM’s to the Silver State. Ideally, you already have an Instagram account for at least the past month (please let us know if you want to participate and don’t have an account yet.) Best to load Instagram on your computer in advance of the event – it’s easier to converse with voters that way. And if you don’t have a computer, you can use your cell phone.   Sign up HERE. Questions? Ask ’em HERE.


REGISTER VOTERS IN PERSON! Join us for our first in-person voter registration drives since COVID and flip CA-39 blue! 


Our Zoom trainings give you all the skills to lead in-person voter drives!

We have trainings for AZ, CA, FL, GA, NC, PA, TX, and 

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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