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These are stressful times. Republicans have sworn fealty to a twice-impeached toxic narcissist who would rather bring down history’s greatest democracy than admit he’s a loser. We’re recovering from our least favorite global pandemic. And for some reason, we’ve banned the words “mansion” and “cinema” from our conversations. But now our personal healing can finally begin, if it hasn’t already. Remember how you felt when you found out Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election? And when you found out Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were both going to be senators? Remember how we cried and laughed and danced? And food suddenly tasted better, and music sounded better, and deep, restful sleep seemed possible again? Center yourself in that joy. YOU made that happen. Despite Covid-19, despite Republican misinformation and lawsuits and the cult of Q-Anon, despite all attempts to kick out the support beams of democracy. And you will make more great things happen! Ingrid Fetell Lee, in her brilliant essay “Joy is an Act of Resistance: How Celebration Sustains Activism,” explores how:• Joy is a propulsive force• Joy creates unity• Joy lets us reclaim our humanity• Joy disrupts expectations• Joy promotes resilience• Joy gives rise to hope Joy is not a luxury. Without it, at best, we plod on like ghosts. At worst, we give up the fight completely. Talib Kweli quotes a Zimbabwean proverb, “If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.” Activism is just talking to strangers. How much better if it’s singing! Happy Juneteenth everyone! And Happy Pride Month!


BACK IN THE SADDLE WITH CIVIC SUNDAYS!Field Team 6 is super psyched to be working once again with the phone banking, text banking, postcarding activist juggernauts at Civic Sundays! To kick this off, Founder Jason Berlin will present to the group in Los Angeles Sunday, June 27 at noon. Stay tuned – sign-up link to come!


VOTER DRIVE IN A BOX:’ZONA NITTY GRITTY VIDDYField Team 6 is so excited to be getting back to in-person voter registration drives that we’re putting together a Voter Drive in a Box for each 2022 target state – and California, due to its House races. We’re also putting one together for non-target states, so you can participate no matter where you live! What’s in the box? Everything you need to lead your own in-person voter drive and save the world… customized for your battleground state! First up: the critical state of ARIZONA! Check out our new video—The Nitty Gritty for Registering Arizona Democrats—and our Arizona Voter Drive in a Box. Check out our progress on your favorite battleground’s box right HERE. And if you want to help, LET US KNOW!


THIS WEEKEND: JUNE 19-21REMEMBER RENEW RESTOREThis Saturday-Monday, June 19-21, Field Team 6 will be one of many grassroots groups commemorating the sacrifice of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, who were murdered in 1964 by the police and the KKK for helping Black people register to vote. It’s an opportunity to do voter education and community building across race, gender, zip code, religion, and background. The ultimate goal is to spur action to advance voter rights with a focus on the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and ending the Jim Crow filibuster. Please check out the coalition website at Out of Many, One and take advantage of the Social Media Toolkit for assets you can share on your favorite social platforms. Let’s honor the memory of everyone who sacrificed so much for the Civil Rights Movement by ensuring their work continues. May we finally win the fight they so bravely began.

TUESDAY, JUNE 29:SAY “NO” TO THE RECALLPop quiz! The attempt to recall Governor Gavin Newsom of California is… A) a cynical ploy by Republicans to take down a popular, effective Democratic leaderB) a lunatic Q-Anon/MAGA fever dream peddled by anti-mask & anti-vax RWNJsC) a pathetic grift capitalizing on the bright lights of California politics to turn notoriety into personal fame and fortune (looking at you Caitlyn Jenner)D) All of the above Though the answer is “All of the above,” the vote is almost certain to go forward, and we can’t assume that it will fail just because it’s utter madness. That’s why we’re co-hosting with our partner Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC) a No Recall event with Governor Newsom himself on Tuesday,June 29 from 4:30-6p PT. RSVP by clicking HERE. For more info, click HERE – to find out about who’s behind the recall and how to stop it.

TUESDAY, JULY 17:BROOKLYN COMEDY FOR FT6!OMG! We are so excited! And grateful! The producers of Looking Forward To It with Josh Gondelman, a monthly comedy show that raises money for voter engagement, are holding their first in-person 2021 comedy show to raise money for Field Team 6! Hosted by Josh Gondelman, with the following (subject to change) line up: Jes Tom, Negin Farsad, and hip hop improv from North Coast. If you are anywhere on the eastern seaboard (or have lots of airline miles) we hope you’ll put together a carpool or subway car of the fellow-vaxxed and head to the Littlefield Theater in Brooklyn. Hotcakes, we mean tickets, are available HERE!


This week we shine a light on the activism of superstar volunteer Merriam Ansara! Merri was inspired to join us in the fall of 2019, after hearing about FT6 at a conference focused on defeating the Fast Food Fascist. Based in both Massachusetts and Cuba, Merri intended to spend 2020 working on in-person voter drives in Florida… but COVID put a stop to that when she got stuck in Havana. In July, she finally managed to get herself onto a humanitarian flight back to the US and immediately started phone banking… until she caught the texting bug! Merri sent thousands of texts every day, for Field Team 6 and many other organizations. And once we took down Trump, she shifted her focus to the Georgia runoffs and helped flip the Senate blue! Here’s what FT6 has meant to Merri, in her own words: I love Jason Berlin and all the staff at Field Team 6 to pieces. I love that we can badmouth the baddies, work our tails off for righteousness and goodness, and still have a sense of humor. A little more humor and goodness and we can fix anything that ails this country.  We thank Merri for her incredible perseverance and dedication! AND – we want to spotlight her current project: working with Global Health Partners to get Cuba vaccinated! Cuba has developed two vaccines, and plans to get shots into every single arm before sending spare doses around the world. But because of the US’ longtime embargo, medical equipment is incredibly hard to come by. Cuba needs 22 million syringes to get the whole island vaccinated… and Merri has already helped to raise the money for 4 million! Find out more about Merri’s amazing cause HERE! Merri says, “Think of it as putting another nail in the coffin of badness that was and is Donald Trump by doing something good for other people.”


We’re looking for A Few Good Writers and Video Editors… to help with the videos, briefs, and all the democracy-saving goodness we lovingly pack into our Voter Drive in a Box. We just rolled out Arizona, but we need your help for the next states! Get a sense of what we’re cooking up HERE and if you can share your talents in writing, video editing, or research, let us know HERE!


CALL AZ & WV VOTERS TO GET THEIR SENATORSTO REFORM THE FILIBUSTER To give us all the freedom to vote, we must reform the filibuster and pass theFor the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.Senators Sinema and Manchin are publicly opposed to filibuster reform.Get their constituents to persuade them otherwise!

 ADOPT-A-TRAITOR PHONE BANKSRegister Dems in districts whose representatives supportedoverturning the Biden/Harris election victory, and flip those seats blue!We’re targeting traitors in CA, NC, and TX!

FLIP A “TRIPLE WORD SCORE” STATERegister Dems in 8 key states to save the Senate and House, and win down-ballot.Join our phone banks into AZ, GA and PA!

POSTCARDINGRegister Dems via postcard in the most flippable districtsand write with friends at our weekly postcarding parties!Send cards to CA-08CA-21 and CA-25!Just launched: Postcarding in CA-39 to oppose the CA Gov’s Recall!


$111 billion to make sure our water is safe

Our hearts broke when America discovered the drinking water in Flint, Michigan was contaminated and children were getting sick. It was a failure of the Republican administration in power, and it cost American lives.

It’s not just Flint. Under Republican Governor Henry McMaster in South Carolina, the town of Denmark has the same problem – pipes too contaminated to drink from. 10 million American homes and buildings need lead pipes replaced. 

Many of these Republicans are on the ballot in 2022. And just like safe pipes, if we don’t invest in Democratic infrastructure today, we’re going to have a much bigger problem soon. We need to register new Democrats in swing states and provide the critical margins to save the House and the Senate next year.

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Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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