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What's Next? More Engagement in Democracy

What’s Next? More Engagement in Democracy


The signing of SB 202, which will implement barriers to voting, was certainly a blow to democracy advocates. However, we are not deterred. Instead, it is our goal to dig deeper, learn more, engage in even more meaningful ways, and strengthen our communities.

First of all, know that legal challenges are already being mounted such as this one filed on the evening of March 25th on behalf of the New Georgia Project and Black Voters Matter. Secondly, know that voting rights organizations were already mobilized and are still at work strategizing on how we can work to expand the electorate as we head into the next election season. There will be several local elections and primaries held to give us a testing ground for how we can respond. It does take time, so we encourage patience.

What else can we do in this moment? We can register voters online – use the same interface to ask people to sign up for election reminders, we can talk to our friends and find out if they are willing to become involved, and attend lectures to learn more about the Georgia landscape such as this one we’re sponsoring in April. However, we submit that there is nothing more American than writing letters to the editor. We’d like to invite you to attend an LTE (letters to the editor)event. We will discuss best practices, get a few tips from experienced letter writers, and we’ll have some topics to use for your letter. Several of our members have recently published letters like this recent one about background checks or this one about the restrictive voting laws. Please join us for good company and for deeper engagement.

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We are a statewide network of Indivisible volunteer-led groups in Georgia. Our mission: connect people to local groups, share resources, & coordinate action. Donations are deeply appreciated

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