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Indivisible Georgia Coalition Statement on Trump Indictment

August 15, 2023Written by indivisiblegacoalition

From the inception of the Indivisible Georgia Coalition and our member groups, our mission has been to resist and disrupt the Trump agenda. We understood his threat to our country and democracy here and abroad. That we are in this moment of accountability is no surprise to us.

Our concerns superseded any potential partisan divides; our concern has always been democracy no matter which “side of the aisle” on which you sit. We know there are Georgians all over our state who are equally concerned about the MAGA hate-fueled movement he unleashed on our country. Trump said the quiet parts out loud, giving voice to a Jim Crow undercurrent that has been building for decades.

In several states, Grand Juries of everyday Americans have indicted the former MAGA president. He, along with his co- conspirators, some of whom are still in office, must be held accountable in our justice system. Just as previous generations rose up to free enslaved people, grant women the vote, and win Civil Rights, we will demand our state be a place where ‘we the people,’ not a corrupt faction, determine who represents us and governs in our name.

We deserve elected officials who will represent us, adhere to democratic principles and norms, and further the banner of freedom which has been the guiding principle of our country since its founding.

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