From a Former Republican: Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is GOP

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I can’t believe that as a Republican I spent years taking part in the gaslighting of Democrats. It was only when I left the party that I realized that this policy of deception reflected the actual principles of the Republican Party. 

I think of all the years I spent as a Republican, calling Hillary Clinton “Satan” for deleting emails and practically demanding the impeachment of President Obama for wearing a tan suit. And after I left the party, I saw my former colleagues screaming at Speaker Pelosi because she got a haircut and had ice cream in her freezer. They called for AOC’s resignation over a dance video she made when she was a college kid. All that only to see them rationalize an insurrection. And now they are justifying the actions of a Republican senator, Ted Cruz, who not only helped inspire that insurrection but in the middle of a crisis in his state, abandoned his freezing constituents who were without power and water to go on a vacation with his family. He didn’t tell anyone he was going, including his office, and after getting caught he lied about how long he had planned to stay in Mexico. He then shamelessly returned early and lied about what he had done. On top of all that, he used his kids as an excuse for leaving and left his dog behind in the cold, empty house.  

I am sick and tired of morality, the Constitution, and human decency being politicized by the right. How dare Republicans hold Democrats to a higher standard over meaningless or harmless mistakes while ignoring their own crimes and sins? Before any of my conservative readers ask, “But what about Cuomo?” — Democratic congresswoman AOC already is calling for an investigation of how Gov. Cuomo handled the coronavirus pandemic in nursing homes. 

Democrats, we won the presidency and the Senate and kept the House. When are we going to start raising the bar for Republicans? When will we hold them accountable for not adhering to their oath of office? Republicans, stop gaslighting the Constitution and claiming the moral high ground.

“Ted Cruz – Caricature” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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