Evil Always Plans Ahead

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Evil always plans ahead. Evil prepares additional plans to execute on the heels of even perceived failure. Evil does not change nor do evil people. Evil cannot be reasoned with nor will it compromise its position or ideologies. Evil can only be expunged. Evil will not concede its agenda or activities simply because it lost its position of power. No, evil will continue with more actions until it has achieved its stated goals. 

Nowhere in near-recent history has this truth been more evident than with Adolf Hitler’s commuted sentence for treason nearly 100 years ago, which set the stage for his rise to absolute power as the supreme leader of the German Nazi Party. And the rest is history. A very dark, and should have been, avoidable history. 

And yet after all that history has taught us, we are staring at the exact same actions and consequences—telling ourselves the results will be different this time because it’s us. It’s America not Germany. But we have seen with our own eyes the fascist behavior of a dictator wannabe. We have experienced in our own lives the consequences of men who believe they have been given authoritarian privilege to rule not govern. We have observed and are more than acquainted with the unhinged behavior of a mad man. We exercised our rights as citizens and voted him out of office. Yet he told us unapologetically before leaving that his fight had just begun, and we are fools if we do not believe him. We make ourselves even bigger fools if we do not pay attention and learn from history. 

Donald Trump raised more than $250 million from Nov. 4 until the end of 2020. He continues his conspiracy theories concerning his loss of the presidential election. He continues to pressure and call for Republican loyalists to fight against not only the conviction of his second impeachment, but against President Joe Biden’s newly formed government itself. And now, he is not only threatening to create his own political party, the Patriot Party, to combat any Republicans he deems as a challenger, but he has also declared an “Office of the Former  President of the United States.”

So at what point do we take an individual like Trump seriously?  We continue to experience the consequences and collateral damage of his mishandling and incitement of the events of 2020. What more damage and destruction needs to be experienced before people still loyal to him wake up? I challenge you who are still believers, read the historical accounts of Hitler’s rise to power. Read history’s biographical accounts describing his personality. Familiarize yourself with the facts of his ideologies concerning how to govern a nation. And then tell me you are still a Trump loyalist. 

As citizens we need to use whatever legal, ethical, and moral means necessary to compel our senators to vote to convict Trump of the indictments put forth and passed by our House of Representatives. Trump needs to be not only convicted of the crimes he has committed but also banned from ever serving in political office again. It is their duty to the Constitution and the people of our great nation. It is also their obligation to their oath of office, when each one swore to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America against acts of treason. 

Do not sit idly by. Do not give evil another chance. Contact your senators repeatedly. Make your voice heard now through Feb. 8 and beyond. Remind your elected officials of their obligations concerning our democracy and the Constitution upon which it is founded. Remind them that they too, need votes to get re-elected. Evil cannot be forgiven; it must be erased from the equations of governance altogether. We must hold our senators accountable to our Constitution or else history can and will repeat itself. It’s not a chance any American should be willing to take.

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