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Karen and Mike Pence

What Would Mother Say?

It has been said that the only person that Vice President Mike Pence really listens to is his wife, Karen. Now might be the most important time for him to do that.  Karen Pence, who VP Pence commonly refers to

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Crime Talk – An American Story

How should we talk about the indictment of former President Trump? Talk about what’s important to our democracy and our freedoms: We know that no one is above the law – even


Indicted Fascist’s Playbook

Indicted Fascist’s Playbook “The essence of authoritarianism is getting away with crime.” – Ruth Ben-Ghiat “Corruption is always at the center of autocratic projects. Clouding minds with propaganda meant to disseminate hate and


Arrogant Entitled MAGA Men

Arrogant Entitled MAGA man #1: Stewart Rhodes Oath Keeper’s founder Stewart Rhodes took the stand earlier this month in his own defense against charges of seditious conspiracy. He is a Yale law


The Week That Was

@JoanneTrueBlue shares her graphics spotlighting some of the significant news stories from last week.

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