Mitch McConnell’s Year-end Insult to the American People

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Friends – As President-elect Biden prepares to take office, Mitch McConnell is rushing to confirm Trump’s final slate of right-wing allies to the country’s highest courts and organizations.

At the same time, McConnell’s obstruction is standing in the way of ANY additional COVID relief until long after the holidays – and possibly until 2021.

It’s outrageous. The very moment Republicans lose the White House, they immediately tell ten million unemployed Americans to pound sand, and they tell states and localities across the country to start laying off thousands of teachers, firefighters, cops, and other first responders.

We MUST hold state Republicans accountable for this. Tonight is our first major fundraising deadline since Trump lost, and a coalition of donors will TRIPLE every online donation to help elect state Democrats.

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Republicans up and down the ballot are working hand-in-hand to make this monstrosity happen.

Early in the pandemic, when it was clear that state and local governments needed help, Mitch McConnell declared that he’d rather just let them go bankrupt – and then hundreds of state Republicans signed a letter asking him to do just that.

Now, as the pandemic spirals further out of control, all Trump and his enablers want to do is play golf and confirm judges. It’s outrageous!

We can’t let this go on. Give a triple-impact donation today to elect state Democrats and make Republicans pay for their actions at the ballot box >>



“Mitch McConnell” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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