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Last Day of Give Smart: Fight this SCOTUS

Friends, We’re all anxious about the Supreme Court. One of Amy Coney Barrett’s first major acts could be to take healthcare away from millions with pre-existing conditions in a case the week


Toss Up Alert: PA House

The Cook Political Report now rates control of the PA House of Representatives a TOSS-UP! Thousands of Turn PA Blue supporters like you helped make the chamber competitive by donating over $400,000 to dozens of


My Vision for Public Education

Dear Friends, Today we will be having our education town hall, where I will answer LD1 voters’ questions about the future of our public education system.  Will you donate today to help me


GOTV Starts Today – We Need You

Dear Friends, Early ballots will arrive tomorrow, which means we are in crunch time. We have less than a month to persuade voters to support Judy. Can you help us?  There are three ways

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