Blue Beginning

14 Days Till Election Day

Blue Beginning Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving Two weeks from today, the last votes will be cast. Three weeks after that we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. We propose a toast! To science and facts. To humility and decency and compassion. To our

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Reminder: Tonight is Blue Thursday

Drinks, gossip, great company: Tonight is Blue Thursday Meet us at the Hideout. Our guests will be two political pros who can set us up for the wild year ahead. Doors 5:30, program


Political pros look ahead to 2024

Blue Thursday: Political insiders look ahead to 2024  How did you feel last Sunday when the NYTimes released that poll showing Trump ahead in five key swing states? How did you feel


One year to save the world

When the news is bad, make better news We’re about one year away from the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime. (Sorry to keep saying that, but it’s always true!) And we’re just six


Tonight is Blue Thursday

Blue Thursday: change of plan We hope you’ll join us at the Hideout tonight for our monthly Blue Thursday happy hour, but we need to let you know about this change of


Our fights go on in Wisconsin and Ohio

Finish the job in Wisconsin and Ohio  We’ve scored some impressive wins in 2023. After reducing last year’s predicted “red wave” to a puddle, we helped to elect Judge Janet Protasiewicz to


Ten Days to Change the World

How we plan to change the world  We’ll do it a little bit at a time. And over the next couple of weeks we have several opportunities. Join us! Tuesday July 18: More


Outrage in Ohio

Help us stop the Ohio outrage In what newspapers are calling a “statehouse con” and an “historic abuse of power,” Ohio Republicans are trying to sneak into law an anti-abortion/anti-democracy measure that


June 15 is Blue Thursday

Blue Beginning Our sanctuary summer Chicago is scrambling to care for thousands of asylum seekers sent here without notice by the shameless Texas governor Greg Abbott. As Mayor Johnson gets up to


Blue Thursday With a Bonus

Blue Thursday is coming, with a bonus from TimeLine Theatre We’ve just added a little fillip to the schedule for Blue Thursday, which comes up this week, May 18, at the Hideout.


2024 Is Here

Save the date: May 18 is Blue Thursday  Blue Thursday is our monthly political happy hour at Blue Beginning World Headquarters, aka the Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia. We gather, we schmooze, we

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