Blue Beginning

14 Days Till Election Day

Blue Beginning Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving Two weeks from today, the last votes will be cast. Three weeks after that we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. We propose a toast! To science and facts. To humility and decency and compassion. To our

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Look what you’ve done!

We’re winning  Last night Donald Trump announced that he still wants to be the center of attention. The night before that, AP announced the comeuppance of Kari Lake, the Trumpiest and most


What are you doing this weekend?

Blue Beginning The Last Weekend is here  We’re calling it the Last Weekend. The Last Weekend of what? Well, that depends on you. Some fear it will be the last weekend of


Two weeks till election day

Reasons to believe You know what’s at stake: women’s right to control their bodies; the future of Social Security and Medicare; an economy that works for everyone, not just the rich; compassionate


We can win this

Blue Beginning We can win this   We’ve all heard the adage dozens of times: in politics, six months is an eternity. And as we approach Labor Day, the “official” start of the


What should we do now?

What should we do now?  We don’t blame you for asking; we’ve had quite a week. The Supreme Court has upended 50 years of legal precedent (abortion policy should be left to the


 Rally Tonight 5:30 PM

Had enough? Rally tonight 5:30 PM Here’s a special message from our colleagues at Indivisible Chicago:  The US Supreme Court has thrown gasoline on the fire already burning across this country.  With


We march with Pride

Blue Beginning Sunday June 26: We march with Pride Come show your colors with Blue Beginning and Indivisible Chicago as we march in the Pride Parade Sunday, June 26. It will be Big


You’ll laugh! You’ll cry!

Blue Beginning Thursday: Join us to watch the Jan 6 hearings  We can’t afford to make light of this situation, and we don’t dare dwell on the past—the future is too fraught.


Our Hometown Progressives

Blue Beginning Our hometown progressives  If you’ve been encouraged by the recent primary showings of Summer Lee and John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Andrea Salinas and Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon, and Jessica Cisneros in


We have the ways to win

Our winning ways: On the doors What’s better than a brisk walk on a warm sunny day? How about a brisk walk on a warm sunny day in the company of smart,

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