Republicans Schedule Their First Confirmation Vote

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Trump's nominee could cast the deciding vote to overturn the ACA, Roe v Wade, and more

Justice Ginsburg’s last wish was that her replacement be chosen by whoever wins the presidency this fall – for the good of the court and the nation.

But Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and state Republicans don’t care. They want Justice Ginsburg’s seat NOW – while there’s power to be grabbed – and now Republicans say the Judiciary Committee will vote next week on Trump’s nominee.

In 2016, after the passing of Justice Scalia, the Republicans stalled President Obama’s nominee for nearly a year, claiming the American people should have a say in who sits on the court.

Now, history is repeating itself – but the Republicans aren’t: We’re much closer to the election now than we were then, but Republicans are moving to grab a conservative majority on the court for decades to come, no matter what the voters decide.

The rules shouldn’t change just because of who’s in power. These Republican power-grabs are again doing serious damage to the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and the rule of law, and we can’t let them get away with it.

Demand NO confirmation vote until the inauguration:


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