GIFs Because GOTV Starts Now

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It’s time to start getting out the vote

November 3 has already started! More than ten million ballots have already been cast in the election, and it’s time to make sure people know when, where, and how to vote. Use these GIFs with important information about early vote for each state.

Plus: This Saturday, October 17, is a national day of action to send a message about the fierce opposition to Trump and his agenda, including the attempt to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat. Spread the word with these GIFs in support of the Women’s March.

Vote early: State by state

Since they don't want Arizona to vote, go vote early
The wait is over in North Carolina
Don't wait for Pennsylvania to change. You can go vote now.
You can vote early in Michigan
Vote early in Wisconsin
Vote early in Florida

Women’s March on Saturday

Nasty women vote early
Pink hat - March: 10/17/20
Pink hat: We're back
P grabs back again
P is grabbing back again
Pink hat: Feminist

Snoop and Martha Stewart -- two voters
Make a plan now to vote with a friend.

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