Three More Weeks, or Four More Years?

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Three more weeks, or four more years? 

Three weeks is a long time to go all out, or all in, or give it everything you’ve got. But how do you think it compares to four more years of lunacy, mendacity, corruption, and blatant contempt for the laws and values our society is built on? How much more neediness, narcissism, and juvenile preening can we take from an emotional cripple who lives only for the adulation of people who disgust him? How much longer can we ignore the health crisis all around us and the economic debacle that’s surely coming? 

Twenty-one days to the biggest election day of your life. As it comes closer, our efforts expand and our needs multiply. We need a landslide that leaves no room for doubt. We need to protect a Senate seat in Michigan and to flip one in Iowa. We need to go all out. Scan our exhaustive lineup of volunteer opportunities at Pick a race. Pick a shift. Bring your friends. Pour it on.

Protect the vote

For almost four years we’ve been working hard to make our case for regime change — and with a little help from the Biggest Loser we’ve made a lot of headway. Now we have to make sure that the election isn’t stolen from us — that everyone can vote and every vote gets counted. Both Wisconsin and Michigan are asking us to help as poll observers and voter protection volunteers. Deadlines for signing up are fast approaching. Go here for Michigan, here for Wisconsin

Yes we canvass 

Door-to-door canvassing has resumed in Michigan, and Indivisible Chicago is joining the effort with trips yet to be scheduled. We have checked out the canvasses and find that they are being conducted safely and to generally favorable voter response. We will not be organizing rides or carpools, but caravans are a possibility. It’s a personal decision, of course, but if you’re so inclined please click here to learn more and express your interest.

Get behind the Fair Tax 

In Illinois, the biggest thing on the ballot is the Fair Tax, which will raise funds the state desperately needs by increasing taxes on the top 3 percent of earners. Of course it’s under attack by the usual assortment of one-percenters and me-firsters, who have poured millions into ads against it. We need to get the word out to voters who are being bamboozled by the fatcats’ lies and distortions. Ask friends and relatives if they understand the issue and know how to vote the right way. Post the facts on social media. Join one of our Fair Tax phone banks to tell voters the truth: If the Fair Tax passes, the wealthiest people in Illinois will pay more. If it doesn’t, we’ll all pay more.

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