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Coconino County Democrats
Coconino County Democrats

2020 Election Update from Your County Democratic Party

Report from Your Chair

I’m sure this past week was not all about signs, but it sure feels that way, especially when I look at my rebar-torn hands. On both Friday and Saturday, I received deliveries of Biden/Harris yard signs and large street signs. The trick is that these need to get from my garage not only to your yards but locations throughout our large county and even into the next county over. To top things off, I spent the week receiving reports of stolen yard signs — but the folks from whom those signs were stolen came up even more determined to display for their candidates. (I think the saying goes something like, “We’re not letting the bastards get us down.”)  Special thanks to Nancy and Frank Branham and Bryan Bates who have been wrestling the big signs and getting them installed in the Flagstaff and Williams areas. 

Oct 15, 2020 4-6:00 pm

The Biden/Harris campaign also sent us boxes of literature. Our volunteers are launching this week to target that literature at the homes of registered voters who likely will vote for Biden if they vote, but often they don’t. This lit piece tells them where and when to vote (early) and that Joe and Kamala will “build our country back better,” by creating jobs, expanding the Affordable Care Act (rather than tearing it down), strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and care for our veterans. 

Meanwhile, in our race to win LD-6, volunteers have made over 7,500 calls and talked to just under 700 voters over the last week. But this race is going to be VERY tight and we must keep working the phones for our candidates, Felicia French and Coral Evans. There are phone bank shifts every day now and you can sign up through the links on our home page labeled “LD-6 GOTV from Your Couch.”  If you have questions about this campaign, the LD-6 staff is available to talk Tuesday afternoon.  And, with regard to LD-6, I hope you’ve seen our ads opposing Wendy Rogers and Walt Blackman in the Daily Sun and on Facebook. With advice and consent from the Gila County Chair, these are also running in the Payson Roundup.

blackman rogers

Many volunteers also joined the Mission for Arizona’s first week of the GOTV ballot chase. We’ve also got phonebanks going for Supervisor candidates Judy Begay and Matt Ryan. Please consider doing some phone banking in the next 21 days. 

Fun Stuff

On very short notice, the Biden/Harris campaign bus came to town last Wednesday. Thanks to County Treasurer Sarah Benatar for giving a rousing speech from the fire stairs overlooking Heritage Square while Mission for Arizona field organizers passed out Biden signs and took pictures. Photo album.

NBC was in town and interviewed Coral Evans and Sarah Benatar!

GOTV Parades  On Saturday Supervisor Candidate Judy Begay hosted a car parade through the Doney Park, Sunset Crater, and Winona precincts of District 4 in which many of our PCs and volunteers participated.

On Sunday, Flagstaff PCs combined forces and paraded to the dropboxes to highlight their locations and encourage early voting. Here’s First Vice Chair Allan Gersten’s car, which put on miles in ALL the weekend parades.

Ask Five Friends To Vote

It’s often surprising who doesn’t vote. Do a friendly check-in with as many friends as you can to make sure they have voted. Don’t make assumptions – they may not understand that they can vote NOW even if they don’t get their ballots by mail.

Share this information:  CoconinoDemocrats.org/Vote

Share a picture of yourself dropping your ballot into one of the many drop boxes around the county, or entering an early voting site.

Help Us Power to the Finish and Continue On

Help us power to the finish! 

Some of you may have scheduled your monthly donations to end on Election Day. For your local County Party, the bills for October and those first days of November don’t come due until December. And, by then we need to be getting to work to recruit and train our candidates and volunteers for 2022 when we’ll be working to re-elect Mark Kelly to the Senate and defend our majorities in the legislature. So please renew those monthly donations.

Also, give us a boost right now — if you can — with an online donation or check in the mail.  Thank you!

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We work to protect the American Worker, the American Dream and the Future of our Children. The Mission of the County Party is to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party.

The Coconino County Democratic Party is one of the 15 county organizations of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). The ADP is an arm of the National Democratic Party. We are committed to the continuing growth of a strong grassroots organization that takes action in support of local, state, and national Democratic candidates and issues consistent with our Mission.

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