Republicans Just Admitted They’ll Use Gerrymandering to Rig the Next Decade of Elections

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Friends – If you needed any more proof of how crucial this election is, a top-ranking Republican just gave it to us.

In a newly-released video, the top-ranking GOP lawmaker in Kansas just told a room full of donors in excruciating detail how her party will use gerrymandering to rig the next decade of elections if they win this one.

According to Susan Wagle, president of the state Senate, step one of the GOP’s plan is to keep her own district solidly red by “[giving] her some more Republican neighborhoods.”

Then, once their own power is secure, Wagle said state Republicans will go after Democrats in Congress – specifically redrawing the maps to “take out” Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids and give the GOP “four Republican congressmen.”

Kansas isn’t the only state where these plans are being hatched, Taylor. Conversations like this are happening in back rooms across America – with Republicans laying out how they’ll knock Democrats out of power for an entire decade if they get the chance.

With this stark reminder about the stakes in these elections, we need every single Democrat on board if we want to end these outrageous GOP schemes. Please donate today to defeat state Republicans and end the threat of GOP gerrymandering >>

It’s not every day that you get to hear politicians conspiring to rig elections right out in the open – but Brett Kavanaugh cast the deciding vote to declare that Republican legislators have a constitutional right to gerrymander our maps this way.

This is why defeating Donald Trump and taking down GOP lawmakers in the states is vitally important to protecting our democracy. It’s the only way we’ll stop GOP gerrymandering once and for all.

We just saw behind the curtain and heard the dirty truth of Republicans’ gerrymandering strategy this election cycle. Democrats CANNOT let their scheme succeed.

To stop these plots once and for all, we must flip seats blue at historic rates. Donate today to protect our democracy by helping elect state Democrats >>



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