Vote For Joe Biden—You Don’t Have to Tell Anyone

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Laurel and Hardy

Trump supporters, I want to tell you that this year I will vote for Joe Biden. I know a lot of you are good people. You care about one another, and I say this because I know you. I fought alongside you to help get Trump elected President. But I learned a lot from my Twitter dialogue with Sarah Silverman and other liberals. I learned about lies coming from conservative media. And I learned more about Trump.

So I know, he’s not who we thought he was. Maybe you see that now and are afraid to admit you’ve made a mistake.

Please hear me out. Vote for Joe Biden.

You don’t have to say anything. I get how scary it can be to admit you no longer support Trump, but what America really needs right now is your vote for Joe Biden. You know it deep down in your heart because, like me, you love America.

Trump’s worldview is wrong for America. When my eyes opened I saw his corruption and con. Don’t give yourself something to regret after this election.

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