Cleaning Up for Biden

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A story from a dear friend of mine who just weathered Hurricane Sally in Florida.

Good news . . . while I was outside doing cleanup I actually changed a Trump supporter’s mind. It took about six hours to do it, but I didn’t degrade or demean him (trust me, I wanted to!)

I just kept trying to give him the facts and make him feel like I do as a Black person. Didn’t think it would do anything. But as we were leaving he came up to me and thanked me for talking to him. I looked at that as a win…., hope he votes for Biden. but then again…we have 40 something days left and this administration has a habit of turning ppl, so let’s hope he votes for Biden.

How did you do that, I asked? 

I told him that I voted for Trump because I thought he was for all of America (which was a lie, of course). He turned and looked at me! That’s when I knew I had him. 

Then I told him that I was wrong, that he didn’t care for everyone. That he only cared for himself. Then I hit him with the “Black lives matter.” He said, “ But don’t all lives matter?” I knew I had goat-roped him again!

I said, “Well if all lives matter, then he wouldn’t be against Jack over there who’s gay. If all lives matter (I pointed to a Palestinian guy with a long beard that was sweeping), his life would matter or they wouldn’t be separating kids from their parents, and they would try to figure out a solution for gun safety! 

He said hold on! I love my guns! If Biden wins they are gonna take away our guns! I said listen — I have an AR, a shotgun, a smith and Wesson, and a Ruger 2 as a concealed carry. I have had them since DEMOCRATS been in office.

The Dems don’t want to take your guns, they want to help people like your children from getting shot by people that should have never had a gun. Or at least get a background check. 

He said so u would vote for Biden?! I said…if Biden fell down the stairs, broke his neck, was in a coma, and was in a vegetative state, with COVID…I would vote for him. He laughed. 

I went on to say, if all lives matter, they wouldn’t be taking away our health care and Medicaid especially for the elderly. 

They wouldn’t be yelling at the poor Chinese woman who was actually born here but due to Trump’s buffoonery, ppl are telling her to go back to China. 

Then I said…or Trump wouldn’t be saying black and brown ppl like myself shouldn’t be living in the suburbs to scare the suburban housewives.

I also asked him why do you like trump so much? I mean what has he REALLY done for you as a person. I mean even today the Dems are trying to help give everyday Americans the money they need to take care of their families and the Republicans are fighting it tooth and nail. So why? 

He said I guess he tells it like it is. I said, but tells it like “WHAT is exactly”???? Is what he saying actually helping you though??? He actually agreed with me! 😂 I thought that was another win!

I was sweeping up trash saying all of this and stopped and looked at him. The rest was history! 

But then again, I probably wore him down…I talked to him for six freaking hours!!!

He probably was like damn girl shut up already FINE, I will vote for Biden!!!

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