New report exposes GOP-led voter suppression

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One of the most despicable voter suppression efforts in recent memory has just been exposed for the fraud that it is.

In preparation for the upcoming elections, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state purged more than 300,000 citizens from the voter rolls – stripping them of their right to vote – on the grounds that they had recently moved.

But according to an exhaustive new report made public by the ACLU, more than 200,000 of those Georgia citizens likely never moved at all – meaning that more than 60% of the purged citizens had been wrongfully removed from voting rolls.

With Georgia shaping up to be a critical swing state this year, it’s critical that state Democrats get the support and resources needed to overcome right-wing voting restrictions. If this report is true, it’s unacceptable, and we must respond immediately.

With polls tightening across the country – including in states that have gone red for decades – Republicans are sounding the alarms everywhere. So to save Trump and the GOP from national embarrassment in a traditionally-red state, Georgia Republicans are engaging in blatant voter suppression to rescue their right-wing agenda.

Our only chance of restoring our democracy is by sending a wave of Democrats to state legislatures everywhere. If we want to win this election and make Republicans PAY at the ballot box for what they’ve done, there’s no time to waste

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