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A Surge in Participation!!

Greetings friends of CTC,

In a few days, there will only be 120 days left before the Presidential election. That’s why we are targeting July as a primary growth month for fans of deep canvassing to work smart and diligently. 

We believe that to stop Trump we need to flip Pennsylvania. To do that, we need more people to join us. And we want our volunteer base to reflect our full community.

Two of our recruiting priorities going forward will be People of Color and young people, ages 16-34. And, to help us pinpoint our voter targets, we are also focusing on recruiting people who live in Pennsylvania. What an unstoppable community we will be when we achieve these goals!

This active, purposeful approach to building our team is critical enough that we have replaced what would have been a canvassing action this week with a Friends and Family Outreach Action. And we’re asking everyone who wants to help us grow to join us.

If you haven’t done so already, please register for the July 5th Campaign Action. If you’re willing and able to help us recruit friends and family but are nervous about picking up the phone, please join us this week on Wednesday, July 1st or Thursday, July 2nd for a training session.

Come join our community of recruiters this week to learn how you can reach out to your friends and family in the most effective way we know. These actions are going to be fun, and they are great ways to bring NEW, AWESOME people to CTC Together so we can all work together to STOP TRUMP! 

Other Ways to Get Involved

Interested in learning more about CTC’s deep canvassing work, but not yet ready to commit to volunteering? Check out one of our upcoming virtual information sessions on July 1st and July 8th. At these 75-90 minute sessions you’ll hear about volunteers’ experiences and what to expect when you get involved. You’ll also hear about ways to help that don’t involve talking to strangers.

Ready to sign up to participate in our virtual canvasses? Join us for one of our upcoming actions on July 12th and July 19th. Be sure to also sign up for a Story Workshop. And if you have never used or have had trouble with our autodialing system, you can sign up for our tech trainings as well. See the event calendar with registration links below.


July 1 Virtual Information Session

July 1  Family and Friends Recruitment Training

July 2   Friends & Family Recruitment Training

July 5   Friends & Family Recruitment Phone Bank

July 8   Virtual Information Session

July 8   Storytelling Workshop

July 9   Storytelling Workshop

July 10  Phone Bank Tech Training (West Coast)

July 12  Phone Bank Tech Training

July 12  Virtual Training and Canvass in Bucks

July 15  Storytelling Workshop

July 16  Storytelling Workshop

July 17  Canvass Dialer Training (West Coast)

July 19  Canvass Dialer Training

July 19  Virtual Training and Deep Canvass

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