Flipping 450 seats from red to blue has sent Republicans into a panic

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The state of the race in 2020 has sent Republicans panicking about their chances.

Within hours of Democrats announcing they’ve flipped more than 450 seats from red to blue since Trump’s election, a national GOP group sounded the alarm that Democrats are “dangerously close to WIPING OUT President Trump’s conservative majorities in states around the country.”

Then, this same Koch-funded group sent around another memo warning that Democrats have already won 115 districts in key redistricting battlegrounds that Trump carried in 2016 – proving that even the GOP’s top strategists are worried about how Trump’s unpopularity is hurting their candidates.

They’re right to be afraid: Democrats are on the offense all across the country. We only need to flip 30 more GOP-held seats to topple eight Republican majorities – and a group of donors has offered to QUINTUPLE every grassroots gift until Tuesday to help us win big.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Democrats, and we can’t let it go to waste. RUSH a matched donation to help state Democrats stay on offense and win historic victories in November.

In this most recent memo, GOP gerrymandering expert Karl Rove admitted that “state Republicans are… heading into a tough election cycle.”

You get to decide how tough it’ll be for them.

Flipping even a few extra seats in critical swing states across the country could deliver a wave of progressive change that few thought possible. Those legislators will impact the next decade of politics and even control redistricting for congressional and legislative districts, making this our best and last chance to forever banish GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression.

To make that change happen, Democrats need an undeniable surge of grassroots support – and that’s why every dollar of these matching funds is vital.

This is our only chance to repair our democracy by defeating Republicans at the ballot box. Pitch in $10 now so Democrats don’t leave anything on the field.


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