Right-wing extremists are moving forward with recalling Gov. Whitmer

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Photo credit: Julia Pickett via Wikimedia Commons

Election officials in Michigan just gave the go-ahead to a right-wing petition to recall Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

This is a step forward for right-wing extremists everywhere and an alarming attack on a popular Democratic governor just for standing up for her constituents’ health and wellbeing.

Republican organizers and state lawmakers aren’t just attacking Governor Whitmer: They’ve also been trying to impeach or recall eight other Democratic governors.

GOP state legislators are clearly focusing their energy on partisan power grabs, and their outrageous schemes have to be stopped before they move any further.

These right-wing Trump supporters are going all out to recall Governor Whitmer: They’ve recruited hundreds of activists to collect signatures and announced a fundraising effort to the tune of $5 million.

Republicans have been planning for weeks now on how to remove Gov. Whitmer and eight other Democratic governors from office – following where Donald Trump tells them to attack.

This extremist petition to recall Gov. Whitmer is just the latest trick in the string of ploys from the GOP.

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