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Michigan Monday Triple-Header

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Blue Beginning

2020: What’s your vision?      

Since our last email, the whole world turned upside down. It’s now clear to all of us that 2020 will be an historic year, one way or the other.

But which way? Will it be the year we finally turned the corner on racial and economic justice? The year we faced down a public health crisis and emerged a more compassionate, unified nation? The year we reclaimed the respect of the world and took the lead on climate change and public health? 

Or will it be the Year America Died?

It could go either way. But one thing is clear: the job we set for ourselves when we joined Blue Beginning and Indivisible has never been more urgent. No lasting progress can be made unless we take our government back from our infantile president and the sycophants, slimeballs, and feckless frauds who collaborate with him. 

So don’t be distracted: our job remains the same. Whatever you have been doing, keep it up—and step it up. If you’ve been cheering from the sidelines on social media, start writing postcards. If you’ve been writing postcards, join a phone bank. If you’ve been phone banking two nights a week, make it three. If you have been marching and protesting, start calling your reps in Congress and City Council. We have many ways for you to contribute. Find some at There’s no doubt we’re going to make history this year. What kind of history we make is entirely up to us.

Michigan Monday triple-header 

After a flurry of activity around the Wisconsin primary elections in April (remember? We helped elect State Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky), we’ve turned the focus of our 3 States 1 Mission campaign to Michigan, where we have a chance not only to reclaim 16 electoral votes but also to flip the state house of representatives from red to blue. Following the lead of our colleagues at Statewide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM), our strategy there is to work for high-quality down-ballot candidates who can help drive turnout in the November elections. Lately we’ve built up an enthusiastic (and growing) group of phone bankers who have been calling into in the part of the state closest to home. On Monday, June 15, we have three events connected to that effort—an excellent chance for you to step up and make some history.

  • Phone bank for state rep candidates Abigail Wheeler and Chokwe Pitchford.  1-3 PM. Sign up here.
  • Never worked the phones? Come to Phone Banking 101, our 30-minute training class, at 12:30. Register now.
  • Meet Abigail, Chokwe, and two other stellar candidates, Jon Hoadley and Christine Morse, at Indivisible Chicago’s Michigan Candidates Forum, 6-7 PM. See below and RSVP here.

Busy Monday? Not a problem. Check here for more chances to step up:

Visit us at Email us at Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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