Flipping 450 seats has sent Republicans into a panic

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After flipping three seats from red to blue in Massachusetts, state Democrats have now flipped more than 450 seats since Donald Trump’s election.

 After Trump’s election in 2016, Democratic voters, supporters, and donors all across the country mobilized like never before to elect Democrats to state legislatures. Because of those efforts, we’re only 30 more seats away from toppling eight GOP majorities in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina.

But to make that happen, we need your help. Democrats need every single grassroots supporter in every state to come together to create a historic Democratic victory.

Passing this 450-seat milestone has also sent Republicans into a panic.

Just hours after our 450th red-to-blue flip, a national GOP group warned that we’re “dangerously close” to winning historic victories and “wiping out President Trump’s conservative majorities in states around the country.”

If there’s a chance of making that happen, we need to ramp up our efforts TODAY.

Flipping those few seats in critical state legislatures could give Democrats the opportunity to accomplish so many key goals on criminal justice reform, health care access, voting rights, reproductive rights, and more. It could even end right-wing gerrymandering and voting restrictions, which have silenced so many millions of voters of color at the ballot box.

All of those goals depend on you: Chip in now to elect state Democrats in every corner of this country >>


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