Will you be counted in the Census?

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How can marginalized groups be inspired to take part in the census during a pandemic?

Sharvin Lee with Michigan Voices is experimenting with difference approaches. She created a short video that appeals to different races, ages and religions. Its call to action is simple:  take a pledge to be counted.

Sharvin created this video in less than an hour on her laptop, with a little help from DemLabs using the free Lumen5 app.

Create your own video for free with just a laptop
Lumen5 is a wonderful, free app that’s ideal for campaigns and groups of all sizes. Benefits:

1. The app is free.
2. Easy to learn and use.
3. A large royalty-free library of hundreds of images and video clips is included.
4. App includes royalty-free soundtracks.
5. Upload your own images, videos and soundtracks to create a video.
6. Build your video in small segments that can be previewed independently.
7. It’s easy to add captions.
8. Choice of templates for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
9. Videos can be previewed and edited before being published.
10. The videos created can be exported from Lumen5 and shared freely.

Learn how to use Lumen5 at a free training course that DemLabs and Demcast produced.

“It is incredibly hard for blue stories to get out and connect with Americans who need to believe they can make a difference in 2020. The left needs its own platform for curating on-point content and grassroots messaging, driving engagement and combating negative misinformation campaigns and bots on the right.

DemCast is mission-driven non-profit, that aims to help Democrats pick up seats across the country at every level of government. It collects the best content from grassroots groups, activists and volunteers in a single location. DemCast trains an army of social media accounts to share  DemCast site content, and also flag/share other pro-blue stories and posts floating around social media using a unique set of DemCast hashtags.”

Take away
The battle for mindshare in a pandemic is online. Innovative apps, more trained volunteers and broad online distribution make a huge difference. Learn more here.

Co-Founder, DemLabs

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