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Five Things to Know Today

Good morning! Our show “The State of Kentucky” airs live at noon today (see blurb below), and seeing yourself in a shared video reminds you of the fact that the last haircut was long ago. If this goes on much longer, I may start wearing a ponytail.

The Gov’s update was full of important news yesterday. You should go read the entire summary on our site, but some of the major bullets include:

  • “Midwest partnership” with six other states and their governors to coordinate reopening plans
  • Four new testing sites spread around the state
  • Non-congregate shelters at two state resort parks, for people who need isolation
  • COVID-19 is now the second-leading cause of death in the U.S. (heart disease is still #1, barely)

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Cover those plants. Wash those hands. And take care of yourself – we’re going to get through this, together. #TeamKentucky

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Today on The State of Kentucky

Senator Morgan McGarvey and candidate Shannon Fabert
We’re joined on our TSOK show today by Senator Morgan McGarvey, who will share his thoughts on the concluding days of the General Assembly. Then, Shannon Fabert comes on to talk with us about her campaign to win the nomination to face Thomas Massie in the fall. You can watch the live stream on Facebook and YouTube at noon, or watch it later on the web site or listen to the podcast. Join us!

KY to partner w/ 6 other states on reopening; 4 new test sites announced – the 4/16 update
Also – 159 new cases, 7 new deaths; Beshear believes Friday will be higher numbers; KYGA drops reopening advisory bill; KY Chamber announces reopening webinars. (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear announces “Midwest partnership” on reopening economy
Kentucky will work with six other Midwest states to coordinate the process and schedule for reopening their economies. The basics have been announced, but Governor Beshear will provide more details in Friday’s update. (Forward Kentucky)

Protesters plan demonstration to express dislike of Beshear’s COVID-19 restrictions
Protesters who turned out Wednesday in Frankfort during Gov. Andy Beshear’s daily update are adding a new wrinkle to the Bluegrass State’s battle against COVID-19. The Facebook group “Kentucky is Open for Business” promoted a Friday “Caravan at the Capital” event to its roughly 3,400 members before the page was deleted.

“We are losing our rights as Kentuckians,” said an online flyer, provided to The Courier Journal by a source within the group. “Andy needs to know he works for us!!!”

The caravan is scheduled for Friday morning, according to the flyer, and calls for participants to “make some noise” and flood the area with vehicles. (Courier-Journal)

McConnell, Paul appointed by Trump to be on task force to reopen economy amid COVID-19
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Sen. Rand Paul have been appointed by President Donald Trump to a bipartisan congressional task force to look at loosening COVID-19 restrictions in order to reopen the country’s economy.

Other notable names to be tapped for the task force include Republican senators Kelly Loeffler of Georgia and Josh Hawley of Missouri as well as Democratic senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Dick Durbin of Illinois. (Courier-Journal)

Your coronavirus check is coming. Your bank can grab it.
Regulators have given banks the green light to use stimulus funds to pay off debts that individuals owe the banks. Here’s the scoop. (Forward Kentucky)

PS – As promised, we did a summary article of what happened during the last two days of the General Assembly. It’s the first story under News below. If you need an overview to stay informed, give it a read.

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Featured Content on Forward Kentucky

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— News —

[new] Here’s what passed and failed the last two days of the General Assembly – The Kentucky General Assembly adjourned sine die just before midnight on Wednesday, April 15. Before wrapping up, the two chambers overrode vetoes, passed or amended some bills, and saw some bills fail before the midnight deadline. Here is a summary of the important actions in Frankfort over the last two days of the session. (read)

[new] Millions of Americans might not get stimulus checks. Some might be tricked into paying Turbo Tax to get them – Congress has approved billions of dollars of checks for Americans hard hit by the biggest round of layoffs in U.S. history. But millions of Americans will have to wait months for that money — and millions more may never get the money at all. (read)

🔥 ACLU and KDP release statements on final passage of voter ID bill – After the General Assembly overrode Gov. Beshear’s veto of the voter photo ID bill (SB 2), both the ACLU of Kentucky and the Kentucky Democratic Party released statements condemning the move. (read)

Josh Douglas lays out actual details of voter photo ID bill – With all the reaction to the final passage of the voter ID bill, we thought it wise to share some actual details of the bill. Dr. Josh Douglas does that in this post. (read)

Beshear sued over banning in-person worship – Three Kentuckians who attended an Easter church service in Hillview, Ky.,  against state orders on mass gatherings have filed a federal lawsuit alleging Gov. Andy Beshear’s coronavirus measures violate their constitutional rights. (read)

🔥 Opposition grows to Confederate flag in western Kentucky – The newly-raised Confederate flag in Marshall County is drawing various forms of opposition from individuals and groups, including the NAACP and a former commissioner. (read)

🔥 C’mon Kentucky – our census rates stink, especially in rural areas. Let’s do better! – Less than half of Kentuckians have completed their census – and it’s even worse in many rural areas. Surely we can get over 50%! (read)


[new] 🔥 Silly protests and political cheap shots by KY GOP won’t get the economy open any sooner – Protest, take cheap shots, whatever – it’s not going to change what we need to ease COVID restrictions. Linda Blackford calls it out. (read)

[new] My learning curve as an old white man – Just as I listened to the Native Americans about Chief Illiniwek, white folks like me need to be listening to the Black Americans about Confederate flags. (read)

🔥 CNN chyron editor goes for broke – Apparently, someone at CNN has had about enough of President Trump’s rambling, wandering pressers on the coronavirus crisis. Check out these chyrons. (read)

— Policy —

[new] Congress must act to prevent state budget cuts from dragging the economy further down – Unlike the federal government, states can’t print money, and they face constraints from balanced budget requirements. The ball is in Congress’ court. Our well-being now, and prospects for recovery in the future, depend on its actions. (read)

🔥 Churches, COVID-19, and the First Amendment: An analysis – How do we balance First Amendment rights with the public good in a pandemic? Dr. Neal Turpin looks at the issues involved and lays out some principles. (read)

— Media —

[new podcast] Veto overrides, COVID cases, Easter drama, and Glenn Hammond interview – We bring plenty of updates about Kentucky’s ongoing response to the coronavirus and its increasingly political nature. And, our interview this week was with Glenn Hammond, a Democratic candidate for Kentucky Senate from Pikeville. (listen)

🔥 Watch viral Obama video endorsing Biden and talking about what we need in the White House – President Obama released a video yesterday endorsing Joe Biden for president – but he did so much more. He reminded us of what sort of nation we can be, and he talked about what type of leadership we need in these times. It’s not just an endorsement speech; it’s a call to live out the vision of compassion, strength, intelligence, and empathy that America is supposed to be. Watch and see if you are inspired as I was. (watch)

[show] 🔥 TSOK: Robert Kahne, Jazmin Smith, Dr. Alexandra Owensby, and Republicans in Wisconsin and Kentucky – Join us this week with guests Robert Kahne and Jazmin Smith to talk about their show My Old Kentucky Podcast. Then, we interview Dr. Alexandra Owensby, who is a health care professional in the midst of a pandemic AND a candidate running to face Thomas Massie in KY-04. Finally, our publisher Bruce Maples shares his thoughts about the the Wisconsin primary and the insistence by Republicans to vote in the face of a pandemic, and compares that to Kentucky Republicans and what they may do this coming week. (watch)

— PubBlog —

Update on news stories – We’ve experienced some sudden changes in our news sources. Here’s the scoop on them. (read)

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