One Thing is More True Than Ever

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In its first days, the quarantine created whiplash. As it enters its second month, there’s a change: shock and panic replaced by a deeper concern, for those lost and those who might yet become ill, for an economy that our leaders have no plan to restart, for our sanity as we continue to shelter in place with the same small group or alone.   

It can be hard to think about anything beyond the next day or week. Elections in November seem very far off — and focusing attention on them seems to be a luxury we cannot afford.

But make no mistake. The powerful interests that have poisoned our politics, weakened our democracy, and corrupted our government are not taking a pause. They are as focused as ever on winning power.

You see, their investment in state legislatures is not motivated by moral conviction. It is motivated by profit and a radical agenda. Their drive to dominate government at the state level does not take a break to cheer for frontline workers, support struggling local businesses, or check in on a vulnerable neighbor. In fact, they see those things as an opportunity to gain more power.

That’s why our job is so tough. And so important. We must focus on the crises of right now — and also on the necessity of a better future. One in which politicians can be trusted when lives and the economy are at risk. One in which states protect our democracy. One in which government is competent enough to meet this challenge.

That’s what our mission is all about.

I know that it feels like everything has changed over the last month. Much has. But one thing is more true than ever: we desperately need a government focused on improving lives. State legislatures are where we can create that reality, starting right now. 

There is so much we can do together. Learn about our newly endorsed candidates in North Carolina and Texas for a little light in this moment of darkness.

And this is a new opportunity to connect with those who feel far away.Learn to activate your community for impact by joining FNF’s Giving Circle introduction call on April 23rd. 

Thank you for continuing on this mission with us. States need your support and your community more than ever. Consider giving to help support those who inspire you. 


Daniel Squadron
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Future Now Fund

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