Video: I want to end the Forever Wars

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Eric Moyer’s comments begin 55 seconds in on this clip.

I grew up in a military family to two USAF veterans, and I know how much those who serve sacrifice for us. They inspired my interest in public service as a scientist at NASA and to use my abilities to serve in Congress. The best way to honor those who serve is to stop investing more time, money, and lives in Forever Wars that only end in more wounded warriors and death. Instead we can invest those resources in ending the system of neglect that they face when returning home by improving access to healthcare – especially mental healthcare – with Medicare For All. We must end the Forever Wars.

If you want a representative who is fighting for these progressive values AND is rejecting money and influence from corporations and lobbyists, I am your only option in the primary election on March 17th.

More info about me is on my campaign website: You can support our campaign with a small donation here:

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Eric Moyer is running for Congress to bring progressive values such as Medicare for All, $15 minimum wages, and tuition-free public college and trade schools. He also believes that there is too much influence from corporate money and lobbyists and is rejecting all support from these groups. He is the ONLY candidate in the Democratic primary who is making this pledge.

To find out more about what Eric is fighting for visit and join us to be the change!

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