Progressive former NASA scientist is running for Congress in Ohio’s 10th district

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Born to two US Air Force veterans who moved to the district when he was 2 years old, Eric Moyer grew up in Kettering, Ohio before attending Ohio State where he became a Biomedical Engineer. While at Ohio State he gravitated towards using engineering as a tool for public service, such as designing and installing solar energy systems in impoverished rural communities in Haiti.

After graduating from Ohio State in 2013, Eric began a career as a research scientist in the Space Biosciences Division at the NASA Ames Research Center in California where he studied the impact of spaceflight conditions on the body. In 2017 he began graduate school at Utrecht University in the Netherlands studying Regenerative Medicine. It was in the universal healthcare system of the Netherlands that Eric finally was able to receive mental health treatment for depression after a decade of not being able to afford it in the United States. Eric learned firsthand universal healthcare saves many lives and he is now an even more passionate advocate for healthcare as a human right, working to bring a universal healthcare system here to the United States. 

Now Eric is a researcher in Alzheimer’s Disease at the University of Dayton and an activist for equal health access. Even in an era of hyper-partisanship he has not been afraid to hold his own party accountable, such as during his activist work where he has criticized the Democratic-controlled city commission, mayor, and county commissioner responsible for failing to save the only Emergency Department, Maternity Ward, and OBGYN on Dayton’s majority-minority west side. We have seen all over the country politicians failing to stand up to their own leadership and Eric’s reliance on being objective and fair will begin to chip away at that norm.

Initially not interested in running for office, Eric has become concerned about the decay in public trust in government and the deviation from policy-making based on facts and data. Putting a scientist with years of research experience in office will be a break from the lawyers and career politicians that make up most elected offices. Eric’s election would also add an advocate in Congress with an understanding of the vibrant research and development economy in Ohio’s 10th district because of the major research institutions at Wright State University, the University of Dayton, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and elsewhere. Inspired by the youth movement which has increased engagement of young people and the success all over the country from first-time candidates who are bartenders, nurses, teachers, and even reality TV stars, Eric decided that he was tired of waiting for someone else to make a change and is trying to be part of the change himself. Eric would be the youngest sitting member of Congress if elected (29) and is another symbol of the increasing youth engagement in civil discourse.

More information about Eric’s campaign can be found at his campaign website or on social media, which is @EsotericMoyer on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Eric Moyer is running for Congress to bring progressive values such as Medicare for All, $15 minimum wages, and tuition-free public college and trade schools. He also believes that there is too much influence from corporate money and lobbyists and is rejecting all support from these groups. He is the ONLY candidate in the Democratic primary who is making this pledge.

To find out more about what Eric is fighting for visit and join us to be the change!

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