Why We March

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The 4th annual Women’s March is this Saturday, January 18th.  A few days ago, the Washington Post published an article that questioned the March’s relevance, but to thousands of people the Women’s March movement is still important. 

This is why we March….

We march to support our Unity Principals which include Women’s Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Disability Rights, Civil Rights, Workers Rights, Reproductive Justice, an End to Violence, Environmental Justice and Immigrants’ Rights. 

We march because only 25% of office holders are women. To date Californians have never had a female governor or female president. From San Diego to the Bay Area, we say loudly, VOTE FOR WOMEN

We are #WomenRising! You will hear our voices, hear our vote and feel our power this decade.

The Women’s March is a non-partisan and peaceful event.  We will unite locally to stand in solidarity for the American values we represent.  This March is to remind our great nation to respect, honor and protect our diversity, and our freedom.  We believe change comes from taking positive, constructive action and find solace and strength in the principles of inclusion, civility, and compassion for our shared humanity.

Our numbers are our strength, so we hope you will come and March with us.  Look here to find more information, and a March near you.

Remember, there is #PowerInUnity!

Adapted by Board Members of Women’s March San Diego from a press release issued by Women’s March California.

Women’s March San Diego is a501c3 organization.

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Women's March San Diego is a nonpartisan political nonprofit organization, established in 2017. We are a women-led movement providing intersectional education and activism on a diverse range of issues as reflected in our Unity Principles.

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