Editorial Boards Across Country Urge Congress To Impeach Trump

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From the Tampa Bay Times.

The York Dispatch: House Must Impeach Trump

“Trump’s built a political machine that’s fueled by corruption and actively seeks to undermine American political sovereignty. If that’s not an abuse of power, nothing is.”

Tampa Bay Times: The Case For Impeachment

“Given the clear evidence about Trump’s actions and his obstruction of the House investigation, a reasonable case for impeachment has been made. […] Ultimately, the voters will deliver the final verdict on this president in November, and they deserve the facts.”

The Orlando Sentinel: The House Should Vote To Impeach Trump, And The Senate Should Remove Him From Office

“President Trump’s actions — in this instance and in the past — demand it. Time and again he has shown himself to be uniquely unsuited for the office. His temperament, his vanity, his self-interest at the expense of the nation demonstrate on a near daily basis the danger he poses to this republic…The House should vote to impeach him. The Senate should then vote to remove him from office.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Impeach President Donald Trump

“In defying these orders, and through his continued ridicule of the impeachment process and the members of Congress who initiated it, Trump has severely disrespected his office and the document he swore to protect and uphold […] Such an act of tyranny is what the Constitution was created to protect against. That is why this impeachment process is urgent and should move forward without delay.”

USA Today: Impeach President Trump

“‘Put your own narrow interests ahead of the nation’s, flout the law, violate the trust given to you by the American people and recklessly disregard the oath of office, and you risk losing your job.’ USA TODAY’s Editorial Board wrote those words two decades ago […] Now, in graver circumstances with America’s system of checks and balances at stake, they apply to another president facing impeachment, Republican Donald Trump.”

The Washington Post: The Case For Impeachment

“The charges brought against President Trump by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday are clear: that he abused his office in an attempt to induce Ukraine’s new president to launch politicized investigations that would benefit Mr. Trump’s reelection campaign, and that he willfully obstructed the subsequent congressional investigation.”

The Guardian: The Guardian View On Trump’s Impeachment: The Integrity Of Us Democracy Is At Stake

“It is not a partisan move against the president but a defence of the foundational principles of the American republic.”

The Boston Globe: Impeach The President

“Impeachment does not require a crime. The Constitution entrusts Congress with the impeachment power in order to protect Americans from a president who is betraying their interests […] The facts show that the president has threatened this country’s core values and the integrity of our democracy. Congress now has a duty to future generations to impeach him.”

The Los Angeles Times: We’ve Seen Enough. Trump Should Be Impeached

“Holding the president accountable for gross abuse of power is the business of Congress. The House should get on with that business by writing articles of impeachment that make it clear to the Senate — and the American people — why the extraordinary remedy of impeachment is necessary.”

New York Daily News: The Truth Hurts: The House Intelligence Committee Presents A Coherent And Compelling Case For Impeachment

“Trump, the writeup makes clear, worked in lockstep with his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and his EU ambassador, Gordon Sondland, to try to force the Ukrainian government to publicly commit to investigating Burisma […] as well as lend credence to a crazy, discredited theory about the whereabouts of the 2016 Democratic National Committee computer server.”

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Impeachment HQ is a new rapid response project that serves as a resource to talkers, reporters, and activists on the impeachment proceedings.

The new project is a joint effort from Defend the Republic, a messaging and strategic communications project focused on holding the Trump Administration accountable, and Stand Up America, one of the country’s largest grassroots advocacy organizations and a key group driving grassroots action on impeachment.

The project is led by Zac Petkanas, who was previously the Director of Rapid Response for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Communications Director to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Senior Adviser to the Democratic National Committee.

The project is also supported by communicators, campaigners, and researchers from both Defend the Republic and Stand Up America—including Ryan Thomas, the Press Secretary for Stand Up America, who leads the communications team.

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