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A new series by The Lucretia Report highlights key races in the Senate, the House, and state legislatures all around the country where we have an opportunity to beat the Republicans and win a seat for the people. 

In the first installment we discuss the critical upcoming election for the state legislature in Virginia on November 5th and Dan Helmer, Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 40th District, parts of Prince William and Fairfax counties in Northern Virginia.

Dan is a West Point graduate, a Rhodes scholar, and a US Army veteran who served with distinction in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea. Lt. Col. Helmer is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, and the Brady Campaign against gun violence because he has committed to advancing a progressive agenda in Virginia that would see expanded public transportation, common sense gun safety legislation, and healthcare reform.

Dan’s Republican opponent has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from predatory lenders, the insurance industry and the NRA and has capitulated to their demands ever since, abandoning the people in favor of corporate profit. Dan on the other hand, promises to dismantle the system of pay-to-play in Virginia and eliminate partisan gerrymandering in the state.

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