Reporting from the Thom Tillis Open Seat Town Hall

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This is what democracy looks like. Cary, North Carolina.

This is not what representation looks like. #TownHall

“When Erica Smith speaks, Thom Tillis falls apart.” …literally. Just like Thom, his cardboard stand-in tried to slip out of the town hall.

Thom didn’t show up but mom did. Thank you Moms Demand.

When you show up at town hall events, you get to ask questions that are important to you. “Will you take money from the NRA?” Thom Tillis is on the top of their list.

Thom didn’t show up but the local news did. When people in the Raleigh/Durham market turned on the local news, they saw a town hall without our Senator.

Yeah, this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. This was done the right way and it was very professional. There is no reason why Thom Tillis shouldn’t have attended.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Are you going to a town hall or empty seat town hall during recess? We want to share your pictures, videos, and observations. Contact Kelly for more information about how to share to our site.

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