What to Expect at a Political Rally

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If you have never been to a march or political event like the ones that will occur on Tuesday, I can help demystify what it’s like. First you need to find an event that is local. Start by going to impeach.org to find out where and when events are happening locally.

Next you need to prepare for attending the event. Think about parking. You will be walking and standing in the cold so dress accordingly. Bring water, snacks, and medications. Check regulations on signs and costumes. Bring a camera and your phone to document the event.

All of these videos were taken over the past year in Raleigh. If you are going to the event in Raleigh, this is what to expect. For other videos of other events, check out my YouTube channel. I want to make sure everyone knows what it’s like.

Don’t be disappointed if your event is small. I have been to some where only a handful of people showed up. Do you know who else started as just one person? Greta. Sometimes one single person standing in protest is more powerful than 50,000.

For the people that can’t make it we need your help desperately. Most of the big accounts may be on the streets and I know it’s impossible to post, pay attention, and retweet others at the events. We need you to be our megaphone and retweet the heck out of the marches. Help us.

Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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