Meeting Jaime Harrison

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Today, I got to meet Jaime Harrison. I got to hear his vision for the future of SC & America. He spoke of unity & understanding and of love to end the hatred that’s wracked our country. He spoke of where he came from & where we are going, together.

I left feeling inspired. To be a better resister, sure, but also to be a better person. You see, Jaime talked about how far he has come, almost entirely due to the kindness of others (I think maybe he was just a little modest 😉). He spoke about the mentorship of James Clyburn.

And how his good friend Cory Booker helped him on his way. He spoke of how friends & legislators like Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell helped him become the person he is. Of course, he spoke of how his family & the sacrifices they made for him to be here.

Jaime Harrison is the candidate of gratitude, and I am grateful to help him become the next Senator the great state of South Carolina.

#WhileIBreathIHope #SendLindseyHome

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