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Rogan’s List for 07/30/2020

7/30/20 Rogan’s List is taking a 3-week hiatus to rest up before the election.  We hope you, too, find the time to take a refreshing break.  For those who want to keep


Rogan’s List for 06/23/2020

While we can certainly celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision upholding DACA, the basis for the decision was on *how* the program was terminated, not the merits of the program itself.


Rogan’s List for 06/11/2020

6/11/20 NATIONAL ISSUES Contact all Federal Members of Congress(includes contact info and links to social media) Fax legislators for free:Reps: Senate: Or use Resistbot: Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies:


Your Resistance Newsletter

Fund the resistance! Click below to contribute!  WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITORWITH HELP FROMCOMMON CAUSEDemocracy is at stake.Click HERE NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS: CALL YOUR REP AND SENATORS! On Monday, the

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