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It’s Friday and all signs say that Amy Coney Barrett will be adding her poisonously reductivist viewpoint to the Supreme Court as soon as legally possible after the planned confirmation vote on Monday.

Our job is to tell our Democratic legislators that we expect them to do something dramatic to demonstrate their anger over her advancement and that we’ve got their back for a hail-mary play.

Our friends-and-family marooned in GOP-land have a job to do too – today and all weekend long. Fill up their phone and email banks. They need to make their legislators nervous enough to do a John McCain. They can use our script or make their own, but they need to be clear to GOP senators who go on record for this woman, who will destroy their constituents’ access to healthcare and other safety-net programs, that this is a job-killer for them at their next reelection. We’ve included a video about the GOP multi-faceted attack on healthcare – GOP lawyers wanting to destroy everything, A.G. William Barr wanting to slowwalk this sham until after the election, and a president who’ll say literally anything to win.

We need to concentrate on winning everything – president, House, Senate, and down-ballot through dogcatcher. Then we fix what McConnell has done to our justice system, including impeaching and removing the unqualified hacks and the dangerous ideologues. (James Ho ( and Naomi Rao ( we’re looking at you two first!)

How does this magic happen? By EVERYBODY working together to grab every disaffected or depressed voter, voters who think their votes don’t matter, and ask them to vote. Ask them to join you in reaching out to others. By phone, or by text. Lots of training is available and nothing you do will be on your permanent record, so relax. We’re all just humans here, fighting for our country’s future.

Today’s featured phonebanks:Swing Left and their Super State campaign. Sign up here.
Gun Sense Voters/ Moms Demand Action/Students Demand Action. Join an event here.
BlackToTheFuture Action Fund: Join in with their Voluneer Action Squads and educate, engage and mobilize Black voters.
Saturday (12:00pm-3:00pm) – Indivisible – Race to the Finish with special guest Jon Lovett – Sign up here:
Saturday (2:00-4:00pm) Commit to Flip Blue – Textbanking with special guest Amy Tan. You need to reserve your place here.

On our GOTV list ( there are new phone/textbanking opportunities for every day of the week. 
Get trained. Spend a couple of hours a week. Change the world!TEXT BLACK VOTERS: People For the American Way Foundation is volunteering with Defend the Black Vote campaign to text Black voters in states across the country in an effort to fight back against voter suppression efforts and increase voter turnout in 2020. Sign up here:

CALL AND TEXT MOMS: Moms Rising is coordinating GOTV calls/texts to moms who don’t always vote. Sign up here: (Voter Guide =

We’re repeating yesterday’s resource, as the weekend is coming up and you’ll have more time to work on this one…coffee, cookies, whatever it takes. “It’s Not Too Late to Persuade Republican Loved Ones to Vote Democrat” (, if 500 top military brass and national security officials recommend Biden over Trump, maybe Dad will listen.

( Billy Graham’s evangelical granddaughter says “This president doesn’t represent our faith,” maybe that single-issue voter in your family will listen too. ( Also, don’t forget our great collection of shareable videos in our voting guide. (

We’re also adding the first part of a new resource. Click on and check it out. This amazing non-partisan site lets you record voter suppression issues with registration, polling places, access, misinformation, voting machines, ballots, VOTER INTIMIDATION, and more. It’s easy to use, and you can add photos and videos. You can also look at their map of reports in your area. (The fake ballot box in Simi is already on the map!) Over 300 lawyers are signed up across the nation to help voters who are having difficulties voting and media can report on trends early and election officials can respond to incidents.

Also, put these #’s in your phone: For voting emergencies, call 866-OUR-VOTE. Questions about voting?
This election is not going to be easy. A lot of Trump voters are “sleepers,” afraid to admit their choice, except in the privacy of a voting booth or at their kitchen table with a mail-in ballot in front of them. The outcome is not determined, but we must be. We need to get every non-voter who thinks their voice is unimportant, to turn out and help us change this world.

Indivisible Ventura

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