Attorneys General Must Uphold The Rule of Law or Resign

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Healthy constitutional republics operate under a rule of law which exists when laws conform to the state and/or federal constitution, where no one is above the law, and everyone under the authority of the constitution is equally obligated to obey the law.

It is vital that elected and appointed officials in our government uphold the rule of law for themselves and others. It is especially egregious when the person who is in charge of upholding the rule of law, the state or U.S. Attorney General, operates outside of the law in order to benefit personally, professionally, or politically. When they do this, it is called corruption.

This type of corruption undermines the rule of law, and democracy itself because these officials are choosing to ignore the very laws the people, through their choice of legislators, wanted and must follow themselves. When Attorneys General violate the public’s trust by breaking laws, they must resign or be impeached.

We have at least two such cases right now. Louisiana AG Jeff Landry has allegedly tried to go outside of the law in order to hire welders and pipefitters from Mexico instead of hiring them from Louisiana. It has been suggested this plan was designed to save money for Jeff Landry’s companies. He should have hired welders from Louisiana, instead of looking to Mexico’s workers especially since he has fought to prohibit sanctuary cities in Louisiana. His businesses look like a sanctuary for illegal hiring practices because he sought to hire people from another country to be employed before considering people in the United States for the jobs. At the very least, AG Landry has lost public trust and should resign. 

Even worse, US AG William Barr has attempted to influence at least one court case on behalf of the president. The president has publicly stated he wants to punish his enemies and help his friends. After Trump tweeted about the sentence for Roger Stone being too harsh, Barr asked the court to reconsider the sentencing for Roger Stone. This would put the president above the law, like a King or a dictator with an AG who is willing to help him do that. William Barr is not acting on behalf of the people or the rule of law. He has politicized the Department of Justice, so that people can be punished or helped at the whim of the president. 

When laws, procedures, norms are bent or broken at the discretion of the president, we are not operating as a democracy. William Barr needs to resign immediately, or be impeached. Over 2000 former prosecutors have asked for his resignation. All of us should insist on it in order to save our republic. 

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