Schmitt’s Dangerous Tirade

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The Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt…is at it again.

He has fought tried and true COVID-19 mitigation tactics since the pandemic began, but in the past week his efforts have escalated dramatically.

On December 8th, Schmitt tweeted from the AG account asking parents to help his office identify schools enforcing mask mandates by submitting “videos, pictures or any other documentation” to an official government email account. He also asked that the media have “Proper Lighting + Horizontal Orientation.” Schmitt is running for the Senate in the 2022 GOP Primary.

Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director Randy Dunn released the following statement regarding Schmitt’s initial outreach to parents last Wednesday:

“Everyone in Missouri should be alarmed by Schmitt’s request for help identifying schools that are keeping our children safe. He is asking for someone to take photos of your children at school without not only their permission, but yours as the parent. It is unfathomable – The top legal voice in our state is encouraging adults to take secret photos of minors at school. And he didn’t mention this part, but that collection of images won’t just sit at the AG’s office. The proper lighting and horizontal orientation detail screams his actual intent – a campaign commercial. Not only is the ask dangerous and ridiculous, but he is also using his office for campaign purposes.”

Over the past week, Schmitt sent many letters to health departments and school districts demanding they cease all quarantine and mitigation efforts or risk backlash and lawsuits.

Director Dunn continued his statement on the larger impact of Schmitt’s actions:

“Eric Schmitt’s recent moves are a continuation of a dangerous COVID-19 misinformation campaign that will ultimately cost more Missouri lives, including our children’s. School districts and health officials are tasked with keeping Missourians safe, educated, and healthy. The Missouri Attorney General is asking them to stop all three. For Schmitt, it’s about 2022 votes. For the rest of us, it’s about the lives of our families, friends and neighbors.”

Call your school districts and boards TODAY to demand and help fight Schmitt’s litigation tirade against Missouri children and schools.

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