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Two Crises: the pandemic & the protests for racial justice.

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Beshear sees ‘good compliance’ with mask order despite media reports, offers poll showing most Kentucky voters agree with it – 7/13 update
Majority of Kentuckians approve of the mask order, across all political parties, and compliance is up. The court challenges continue, however. Story includes many other details, as well as video of the presser. (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear suffers setbacks in Court of Appeals; masks not part of ruling
A state appeals judge on Monday dismissed efforts by Gov. Andy Beshear to overturn two lower court rulings concerning COVID-19 emergency orders. (Forward Kentucky)

Kentucky state senator announces he has tested positive for the coronavirus
Kentucky state Sen. Max Wise has tested positive for the coronavirus. Wise, a Republican from Campbellsville, made the announcement on Twitter on Monday night. In the statement, he wrote that he began having “very mild symptoms” last Thursday and was tested on Friday. Two tests came back positive. During quarantine, Wise wrote, he will be working online remotely and will be “making sure I can attend to my constituents’ needs.” (Courier-Journal)

Half of Kentuckians report losing household employment income, and sources they’re relying on are running out
Half of Kentucky adults say they or someone in their household have lost employment income since the COVID-19 crisis began, according to new Census data. The sources they’re relying on to make ends meet, including enhanced unemployment insurance, stimulus payments and more personal debt, are either running out or limited.

These numbers spell trouble for Kentucky’s economy and families unless federal policy action is taken. As long as the pandemic persists — and especially since prematurely reopening the economy without controlling the disease first is proving to be a growing disaster across the nation — the responsibility lies with the U. S. Senate to agree with the House and provide much more in federal aid.

In a Census survey of Kentucky adults for the week ending June 30, 50% said their household had experienced a loss of employment income since March.

The data also shows these losses are hurting certain Kentuckians to a greater degree. The loss of employment income is more prevalent among people with kids in the household (55%),  Kentuckians with poor health (64%) and people with lower incomes — 63% of those with incomes from $25,000-$34,999 have lost household employment income, compared to just 18% of those with incomes of $200,000 and above. A total of 59% of Kentuckians in Black households and 88% in Hispanic households have lost employment income, compared to 49% in white households. (KY Center for Economic Policy)

“They endorsed WHO?!?” – A look at endorsements and why they happen the way they do
Every election cycle, there are endorsements. And every election cycle, there are surprises and complaints about those endorsements. Here’s a look at what takes place behind the scenes. (Forward Kentucky)

This Friday’s show

Join us Friday for interviews with Stephen Spoonamore, Maxwell Mitchell, and Jason Downey as they share stories of their experiences on the front lines of two crises: the pandemic and the protests for racial justice.

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— News —

[new] State Senate back to full 38 members after Berg sworn in – The KY Senate is at its full membership of 38 after Dr. Karen Berg (D-Louisville) was officially sworn in on Monday following her special election victory held the same day as the June primary. (read)

[new] Trump, the politics of fear, and racism: How our brains can be manipulated to tribalism – An attribute of our current president is his eagerness and ability to use fear for intimidation of those who disagree with him, and subordination and shepherding of those who support him. (read)

🔥 [new] Four first hand reports from the real world, Covid-19 edition. ‘Things are beginning to crack.’ – Two months ago the writer wrote a post that was somewhat hopeful. This update is not hopeful – things are cracking, and will get worse. (read)

West KY TV station tells employees they need permission to get coronavirus tests – Some employees of the station’s parent company, Paxton Media Group, say that policy discourages them from getting a test. (read)

— Commentary —

KY Dems, you need to fix this ethics loophole – How would you feel if you were a candidate in a competitive Democratic primary, and you learned that the chair of your local party was working for one of your opponents? And being PAID to do so? (read)

DemList sends some humor for your weekend – From the DemDaily newsletter (which you should subscribe to), a collection of jokes and one-liners for your weekend. (read)

🔥 Republicans propose eliminating speed limits, seat belts – Citing “government overreach” and calling the laws “arbitrary and overbroad,” Republican leaders in Kentucky today proposed eliminating laws setting speed limits and requiring seat belts. (Read to the end.) (read)

🔥 [new] It’s not enough to dump Trump – these senators have to go, too – It’s not enough to dump Trump on Nov. 3, Elie Mystal wrote in The Nation last December. McConnell and Graham have got to go, too. The new Lincoln Project ad makes that point. (read and watch)

— Media —

🔥 [photo gallery] “Heads Up, Phones Out!” – a rally for citizen journalists – We stand with citizen journalists! Here is a photo gallery from a rally supporting the live streamers who have been covering the protests in Louisville. (view)

[podcast] Shameka Parrish-Wright & Ted Shouse on Injustice Square Park and judicial reforms – Also – Robert and Jazmin discuss the Vision Russell project, and how it could be connected to the Breonna Taylor killing. (listen)

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