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Cuban Immigrant Families

Immigrants Make America Great

My husband Daniel and I were born in the same year to Cuban parents. But the stories of our childhoods are very different. My parents were upper-middle class from Havana and able to flee the country early when war fractured

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Black Owned Media Matters

Media outlets serving immigrant and communities of color are under threat and deprived of resources needed to sustain their vital role.



Hi, everyone! It’s Friday! And we’ve run out of time working on an action for Georgia, but stay tuned. It’s coming. So, in the meantime, we’re heading straight to the local/online events!

Dem. Cindy Axne House of Representatives

Cindy Axne: Standing Up for Iowa

“Always stand up if you see an injustice in your community, whether it’s something that directly impacts your life or not.” — Cindy Axne Cindy Axne’s parents raised her and her sisters