Spooky GIFs for Vote Early Day 2021 and Celebrating National Immigrants Day

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October 23: Vote Early Day 2021

Republicans continue to attack our right to vote. The best way to fight back is to VOTE EARLY. Skip the long lines and do it on your time. Use these GIFs to promote early voting in spooky Halloween style.

Help is Here

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Dump the Filibuster

The filibuster is going to cost us our democracy if we don’t get rid of it. Use these GIFs to tell Congress it’s time to dump the filibuster — important legislation, our democracy, and our entire country depend on it. 

October 28: National Immigrants Day

Immigrants are worth celebrating every day, but every year on October 28 we get a reminder: it’s National Immigrants Day! Use these GIFs to celebrate immigrants and all they bring to our shared lives and culture. 

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