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Hi, everyone! It’s Friday! And we’ve run out of time working on an action for Georgia, but stay tuned. It’s coming. So, in the meantime, we’re heading straight to the local/online events!


Friday/Saturday/Sunday – 03/5,6 and 7/21 – ONLINE – “56th Anniversary Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee” – (7:00 am PT)

Register is free. Sign up here. ( 56th Anniversary Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee, the largest annual civil rights event in the nation, is scheduled to take place March 5-7 as we honor the past, examine the present and look forward to the future of the fight for equity and justice. This year’s theme is:

Beyond the Bridge: People Power, Political Power, Economic Power
This epic undertaking is making history in a brand new way by going global and virtual for the first time ever! The Jubilee will be a time of celebration, education, and commemoration, with activities for people of all ages — and the entire weekend is designed for you to stay engaged, stay safe, and log in from anywhere in the world. 

You won’t want to miss:

  • Special appearances by legendary civil rights leaders, Ambassador Andrew Young and Dolores Huerta
  • A tribute to the late Congressman John Lewis
  • Powerful stories of Foot Soldiers in the movement, in their own words
  • Step Show and Battle of the Bands Competitions
  • A soul-stirring Gospel Concert
  • Virtual Music and Film Festivals
  • The Virtual Crossing Reenactment across the Edmund Pettus Bridge,
  • and so much more!

Friday – 03/5/21 – ONLINE – “Defending the Basic Human Right to Water” – (7 pm PST)

Facebook link here. ( George McGraw, Founder and CEO and  DigDeep Ambassador Shoshana Brower•

Over 2 million Americans do not have running water or a working toilet at home. 
• 44 million more don’t have clean water that’s safe to drink. 
DIGDEEP is a human rights non-profit organization working to ensure 
That every American has clean, running water forever. 
Current projects include the Navajo Water Project and the Appalachia Water Project.George McGraw is a human rights researcher and advocate specializing in the human right to water and sanitation in the United States. He currently serves as founder and CEO of, the only WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) organization serving disadvantaged communities in the United States. He was the 2019 Social Entrepreneur in Residence (SEERS Fellow) at Stanford University and is an Ashoka Fellow. McGraw holds an M.A. in International Law and Conflict Management from the United Nations University for Peace.Please register in advance here: event is free of charge, donations are gratefully accepted.

Saturday/Sunday –  3/6-7/21 – ONLINE – “The Revolutionary Educator Conference: Activating Liberation Pedagogy” (9:00 am)

Facebook link here. ( on sale until 11:30pm ET on Friday March 5th!

Join Host Principal Rahh the “Revolutionary Principal” for a two-day virtual conference inspiring educators to Be Revolutionary. Revolutionary Educator Conference: Activating Liberation Pedagogy
Register now to have access to all of the session replays until June 6th!
Join us at the Revolutionary Educator Conference , as we explore, develop, and revolutionize the educational experience to ensure that all students thrive in today’s environment. This Conference is equipped to equip and inspire all educators, no matter your specialty or position.
It is no longer enough for schools to follow the traditional path for all students. Every student comes with different needs that have to be addressed in their own individual ways. Now is the time to be inspired. More than ever our students need us to be courageous and fight to be the change. You are the revolution that your students need.Activation and Internalization
During our time together we will unpack how you can break the school-to-prison pipeline by shifting your school’s focus from reactive discipline to proactive support.
We will help you shift your school’s mindset–and in effect, its culture—from one of punishment to one of conflict resolution.
Attendees will be provided tools on how to get the community involved and committed to your school’s success, even if some of them don’t have students enrolled at your school and so much more from our dynamic presenters and panelists.
Your leadership matters more than ever when times get tough.
The direction you take your school will determine how effective your school will be; and the effectiveness of your school will shape the future, not just of your students, but of the wider community.
If you want your school to be a place that has a meaningful impact on every student, as well as the community, then this is the conference for you.
All attendees will receive a certificate from Revolutionary Education for 12 hours of professional development upon completion of the conference, and will be able to replay all sessions until June 6th. Sponsorship details and Agenda details in facebook post.

Saturday 3/6/21 – CARAVAN/SILVER LAKE- “Reunite Our Families Now! | ¡Reunificar a Nuestras Familias Ahora!” (11:00 am)

Facebook link here. ( English Below
¡REUNIFICAR A NUESTRAS FAMILIAS AHORA!Únete a KPA en tu automóvil o a pie el sábado 6 de marzo en Silverlake mientras nos reunimos para que nuestras comunidades exijan a la administración Biden:PONER FIN A TODAS LAS DEPORTACIONES | CERRAR LOS CENTROS DE DETENCIÓN DE ICE | REUNIFICAR A TODAS LAS FAMILIAS | PAPELES PARA LOS 11 MILLONES DE INMIGRANTES | ABOLIR A ICESi vienes a pie, recuerda usar un cubreboca y practicar el distanciamiento social. Más detalles serán divulgados próximamente.

REUNITE OUR FAMILIES NOW! Join us in your car or on foot on Saturday March 6th in Silverlake as we make noise and rally for our communities to demand the Biden administration:END ALL DEPORTATIONS | CLOSE DOWN ICE DETENTION CENTERS | REUNITE FAMILIES | PAPERS FOR ALL 11 MILLION | ABOLISH ICE If you are coming on foot, please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing! More details forthcoming.

Saturday – 3/6 – ONLINE – “Virtual Rally and Phone Bank to elect Katrina Foley to the Orange County Board of Supervisors” (11:00)

Facebook link here( on here( Katie Porter and her ferocious whiteboard of death has asked for our help! Who can resist! She and our fellow Indivisibe members in the Conejo Valley know that there are NO insignificant elected offices

And according to the early returns, a GOP candidate is ahead in this race. 

They need help connecting with voters from across District 2 to let them know about this crucial Special Election and make sure they return their ballots. Join us to #Flip2Blue and help make history on March 9th! 

Saturday, March 6, 11am PST/2pm EST
Monday, March 8, 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST

Please make sure to register in advance and email if you have any questions.

Saturday 3/6/21 – PHONEBANK “Karen Carter Peterson for Congress” (11:00 am)

Stacey Abrams endorses Karen Carter Peterson for Congress calling her a “champion of justice!”

Help us make history and send the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to Congress from LOUISIANA! PHONEBANK, Saturday, March 6th, 2 PM – 4 PM (EST)! Sign up here:

Saturday 3/6/21 – ONLINE – “Onward to Equity” (12:00 pm)

Are you ready for an afternoon full of empowerment?! Register at

Sunday – 3/7/2021 – ONLINE – “Civic Sundays – Dial for Dollars / Call Voters for Katrina Foley” (12:00 pm PT)


Thurs 3/4: Romney’s TRUST Act is a “Trojan Horse” to cut seniors’ Social Security benefits! – EMAIL SENATORS THIS WEEKEND! Get your friends and family in RED states involved!

There’s a saying – “The devil’s in the details.” And deep in legislative details, there’s a GOP malignancy called the TRUST Act, which sounds benign, but has the ability to slice and dice Social Security from the inside out. A surprising number of Democratic senators voted this into the 2021 Budget act, including our own Sen. Feinstein and the GOP may slip it into the final COVID relief act. Alert your senators, call out the ones who voted for it for the budget and thank those who didn’t.

Maybe people forget that Sen. Mitt Romney, the author of this bill, isn’t harmless just because he voted to convict Trump in his second impeachment appearance, a low bar for personal responsibility. He’s still the disdainful guy who described 47% of Americans as dependents on government care and who pay no taxes…

Wed 3/3: Wanted: Postcard writers! D.C. statehood and stopping deportation flights. POSTCARD CAMPAIGNS!The DC statehood campaign continues because the indignity of second-class citizenry continues. It’s a couple of hundred years past time for this to be corrected with H.R. 51/S.51 – Washington DC Admission Act.The WHAT’S NEXT? folks have put together their new postcard campaign to stop the deportations.
Tues – 3/2: The American Rescue Plan could use a couple of extra lifeboats… – EMAIL SENATORS THIS WEEKEND! Get your friends and family in RED states involved!(
Seriously. This time of ferocious politics has taught us more civics than we ever thought we’d need, and also that we can’t sit back and relax, just because Trump is no longer president.
We got some issues we’d like our senators to address…People are starting to get hit with tax bills for their unemployment checks, which shouldn’t be taxed at all during a time like this. Seriously! The GOP will force the Democrats to use reconciliation to get this through, and that process has some issues that the GOP are hoping will bite us in the behind. Adding automatic stabilizers will keep the Rescue plan cruising along without additional legislation if we still need help in September or beyond.

Mon 3/1/21: H.R.1/S.1 – For the People Act of 2021: The most important bill for our democracy is still the first one – EMAIL SENATORS THIS WEEKEND! Get your friends and family in RED states involved!

All of our democratic legislators (Reps. Brownley and Carbajal and Senators Feinstein and Padilla) are signed on to H.R.1/S.1 – “For the People Act.” Please contact them to thank them, because they’re doing the right thing. For the senators, we want you also to tell them that this is worth a targeted filibuster. We’ve truly had a lucky escape from a dangerous leader. We’ve seen how “norms” disappear when someone chooses to ignore them. If we want to continue as a democracy when someone like Trump is in power, we need this bill to pass.We’ve also included links for volunteering to phonebank or textbank for this bill with non-partisan Common Cause, as well as an opportunity to become one of their social media monitors. Indivisible has also given us a template to write letters to your local papers and to make a video to “talk” to your legislators.
More information at

Monday – 3/1/2021 – Petition – “Protect Immigrant Survivors”

Learn more about her and sign the petition here. #FreeGabby! In about two weeks, Gabby will face an ICE transfer from state prison at CCWF unless Gov. Newsom intervenes. Please continue to amplify Gabby’s campaign to protect immigrant survivors! Take action here with Gabby’s toolkit:

  • Minimal script: “I’m calling from [zip code] to urge Governor Newsom to stop the ICE transfer of Gabriela Solano #W82038, a 48-year old immigrant and domestic violence survivor who’s scheduled to be released from the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla, California. She is at risk of being transferred to ICE detention and deported to Mexico, a country she left as a baby. I urge Governor Newsom to use his power to protect immigrant survivors like Gabriela and to free her to the care of her loved ones and community?”
  • Call script for Gov. Newsom at (916) 445-2841
  • Email Gov. Newsom, here (



Donations: We’ve collated a bunch of donation and volunteer sites to help those affected here:
A word from Jaquita: We’ve been kept up-to-date on the situation on the ground in Texas by political activist Jaquita Wilson, whose electricity has finally been restored. Watch her here:
Black Live Matter Ventura County is running a Monthly Free Food Program and Houseless Outreach programs. Drop-offs of food, clothing or personal hygiene items can be made Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm,to 2471 Portola Road, Suite 100, in Ventura.  However, please call ahead at 818-641-2396 to make sure someone will be there to meet you. Monetary donation are accepted at Venmo: @blmvc GoFundMe:
The United Way of Ventura County is looking for assistance with the following.Food distribution every Thursday, 8am-1pm, with Community Action VC in Oxnard ( volunteer every Monday 12-4pm, Wednesday 10am-2pm, and Thursday 10am-2pm with theSamaritan Center of Simi Valley ( Share has many opportunities. Check out their opportunities for pop up pantries, food delivery, boxing and sorting food, and helping in the Senior Nutrition Garden! ( you for all you do in our communities across Ventura County. If you have any questions about opportunities, please email Francesca at
El Concilio Family Services has put out a notice that those who are ready to become citizens may be eligible for free processing, including USCIS fees for those qualified for as long as funding lasts.  Call them at 805-486-9777 to learn if you are qualified.

Indivisible Ventura

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