When Tucker Carlson bashes immigrants, use it to inspire voter registration

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When Tucker Carlson bashes immigrants, use it to inspire voter registration

What do the CEOs of Google, Adobe, Microsoft and IBM have in common? They’re all from India, which Tucker Carlson calls a ‘sh*thole‘ country.

Carlson hosted Amy Wax, a Penn Law professor recently who attacked Indian immigrants on his show. Wax is known for racist comments such as America would be “better off with more whites and fewer non-whites“.

Such immigrant bashing is a wake up call for immigrants who don’t normally pay attention to politics. It’s time to get organized and register to vote. ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu’.

The comments generated a lot of resentment in the Indian community. How do you harness this energy? How can the Wax-Carlson interview be used to energize Indians to get them involved in political process? How do you organize quickly around an issue with little money or tech skills? This blog describes how Taher Hasanali, Data Strategist with Indian American Impact is mobilizing the Indian community to fight racism and elect more South Asian with Action Buttons.

Mobilize on an issue quickly with Action Buttons

Use an Action Button to quickly mobilize support around an issue while it is still in the headlines

How to create an action button

  • Choose a key word or tag for your campaign. This project uses FightRacism
  • Choose a video to draw people’s attention to an issue. This video could be one you’ve recorded yourself, or better still a public one from YouTube or other sources. Simply add the link to the video. The URL used is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFP4uG7PsEM
  • Add a few details about the goal of your campaign. This campaign was to encourage viewers to fight racism and join Indian American Impact.
  • Add a call to action. This could direct viewers to a website, send an email or make a call – all with just one click.
  • This generates a URL that can be shared on social like https://actionbutton.live/FightRacism
Action Buttons combine a video, campaign message and call to action in one link.

Spread the message

An Action Button can be shared a link like https://actionbutton.live/FightRacism
This link can be converted into a QR Code or shared along with a meme or GIF so your message is more eye-catching when shared on social media. These two GIFs from IntoAction were combined with the Action Button QR Code. Scanning the code launches the Action Button complete withe video playing, campaign message and call to action.

Use an Action Button to combine a video, campaign message and call to action into one link or QR Code.
Use current events to organize people around an issue and explain the urgency of them getting involved in politics.

Indian American Impact Project

The Indian American Impact Project aims to create a more equitable and inclusive democracy that invites and integrates greater participation from South Asian Americans. It is a national 501(c)(3) organization working to advance the civil rights of South Asian communities, and those of every American. We build community and coalitions, engage South Asians in our nation’s civic process, and ensure our diaspora’s history and lived experience is recognized as essential to the fabric of America.

Neil Makhija, a Penn Law lecturer and the executive director of Indian American Impact is concerned about Wax’s inflammatory comments. The Indian American Impact Summit scheduled for on May 18, 2022 in D.C. will include discussion of the incident and how to create solutions against anti-Asian and South Asian hate in educational settings.” – Axios

Donate to Indian American Impact Project

Other South Asian organizing groups

TakeAway: Use immigrant bashing to organize immigrant communities and encourage people to register to vote.


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