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Freedom to Vote Act

Freedom To Vote Act: A Visual Guide

Freedom To Vote Act: A visual guide A picture is worth a thousand words. The Freedom to Vote, priceless. Visual communications convey messages with pictures. Pictures are easy to understand, remember and share. This


2022 Redistricting Update: Doomsday Avoided

Now that two-thirds of the states have adopted their new legislative district maps, we have a clearer sense of what has actually happened with redistricting. The good news is, Democrats avoided the


Leaked GOP Voter Suppression Playbook (Satire)

Leaked GOP Voter Suppression Playbook (Satire) Don’t have enough votes to get elected? Don’t worry. A new satirical guide shows how to win by cheating: Suppress your opponent’s voters. The guide illustrates


Come Sing With Us

We’re singing for the future Our children’s future. Our country’s future. The future of democracy itself. We’re singing to support the Freedom to Vote Act, to make sure it’s not neglected amid the year-end

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