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Climate Change

Follow the money blocking Climate Change bills

Follow the money blocking Climate Change bills “NO LABELS TO HOST BILLIONAIRE GATHERING WITH JOE MANCHIN IN LOS ANGELES” – Lee Fang in The Intercept Puzzled why politicians block bills to fight


GIFs to Celebrate Black Women and Caregivers 

Celebrate Black Women It’s always the right time to celebrate Black women, but especially during Black History Month! Use these GIFs to honor all the progress Black women have fought for and achieved.  Join


Monday Must Dos

All of the working groups in the Virginia Grassroots Coalition (VGC) are hard at work advocating for our priority bills.  Please support our efforts for a safer, cleaner & more democratic Virginia. As I mentioned

One Planet

Patriotism on a Global Scale

In today’s America, the party of Donald Trump has tried to equate patriotism with blind support of a would-be dictator. Many Republicans say that you can’t be a patriot if you don’t


The Week That Was

This week’s images are by @joanneTrueBlue. Her graphics depict the compelling news stories from the past week. Enjoy them, and as always, stay healthy and stay safe.

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