GIFs for Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month, Black Voter Day, and “Fire Season”

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2020, y'all.

Hispanic Heritage Month, Black Voter Day, and Wildfires Climate Change

Hispanic Heritage Month | Black Voter Day | Wildfires | Meet Diego Rodriguez

This week marks big moments for two critical communities in the progressive coalition: Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct.15) and National Black Voter Day! (Sept. 18) And with the election in less than 50 days, it’s time to make sure everyone knows when, where, and how to make sure their voice is heard. Celebrate Latinx heritage — and the cultures of nearly 20% of Americans — with this collection of GIFs, and lift up Black voters with this collection for Black Voter Day.

We’re also in the middle of the worst fire season on record — and, with climate change, fire season is only going to get worse. This isn’t normal, but if we don’t act now, it will be. Share these GIFs and help draw the connection between fires and climate change.

Celebrate Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month
Cuando we vote, we win
Viva la huelga, viva la causa

Black Voter Day

National Black Voter Day
Black Votes Matter
Vote like a Black woman
John Lewis: The vote is the most powerful tool we have in a democratic society. We must use it.
Voting While Black
Black Voter Day

It’s not “fire season”, it’s climate change

Wildfires are not a season. This is climate change.
Wildfires are not a season. This is climate change.
The Global Times: This is climate change
Mother Earth is burning
Gender reveals aren't a thing

Featured Creator: Diego Rodriguez

Diego Rodriguez is a member of the creative team at Into Action Lab. In his own words:
“Hello! I’m an Illustrator and Animator that spends his days making pictures and trying not to suck at it :D”

Bob Ross: Black Lives Matter
Uncle Sam: I need you to be a poll worker
John Lewis at Edmund Pettus Bridge
WAP: Wet *** Postage
Vince Lombardi: Prepare to win

2020, y’all.

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