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Karen and Mike Pence

What Would Mother Say?

It has been said that the only person that Vice President Mike Pence really listens to is his wife, Karen. Now might be the most important time for him to do that.  Karen Pence, who VP Pence commonly refers to

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Glenn Kirschner (Start Me Up podcast)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirscher returns to answer questions about pardons, elected officials who promoted the storming of the Capitol, and how to deal with white supremacy in the military and law


The Final Days

The MOMocrats rejoice that Donald Trump’s residence in our White House ends in five more days – even as they note the damage he’s done will be with us for years. Karoli,


It’s Inauguration Week!

Click here for a link to our MLK Feeding Westchester Facebook Fundraising Page. Inauguration Week Activities Monday, January 18th – National MLK Day of Service. Tuesday, January 19th @ 5:30 – 6:30pm) – National Day of Mourning Candlelight