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With the Washington Monument in the background, President-elect Joe Biden with his wife Jill Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with her husband Doug Emhoff listen as Yolanda Adams sings "Hallelujah" during a COVID-19 memorial, with lights placed around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! As I write this, we are about four hours from having President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris sworn in.

As I write this, Donald Trump is on his way to Florida, the first president to skip his successor’s inauguration since Andrew Johnson in 1869.

As I write this, twenty thousand National Guard are in place in our capitol to try to make sure everyone stays safe during the inauguration.

As I write this, leaders around the world are wondering if the United States can once again become a reliable ally, and not seemingly beholden to a foreign power.

And as I write this, I am praying for both the safety and the success of the Biden administration.

If there was ever a time when “normal” sounded good, this is it.

Even better? A new, improved normal.

In just a few hours, we will begin to find out if Biden, and Harris, and all of us, can get there.

I can’t wait.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Beshear vetoes five bills, explains why

Governor Andy Beshear today issued vetoes of five bills recently passed by the Kentucky General Assembly. In his veto messages, he laid out why he vetoed each bill. Here are the details. (Forward Kentucky)

Mitch McConnell’s remarks on Senate floor, including condemnation of Trump’s actions

Senator Mitch McConnell created a stir when, duing remarks delivered Tuesday on the Senate floor, he said President Trump “provoked” the attack on the Capitol. Here are McConnell’s remarks, which also include a tribute to the Capitol Police. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: Nelson County GOP censures McConnell for remarks about Trump

The leadership of the Nelson County Republican Party unanimously approved issuing a formal rebuke of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell Tuesday evening. (KY Standard)

1/19 update — New-case trend stays down and vaccine pace quickens, but supply is a challenge

Tuesday’s update from Gov. Beshear brought some good news on COVID numbers, but also worries about vaccine availability. And, the governor explained his recent vetoes. (Forward Kentucky)

With hours left in office, Trump grants clemency to Bannon and other allies

President Trump used his final hours in office to wipe away convictions and prison sentences for a roster of corrupt politicians and business executives and bestow pardons on allies like Stephen K. Bannon, his former chief strategist, and Elliott Broidy, one of his top fund-raisers in 2016.

The wave of clemency grants, hours before Mr. Trump’s departure from the White House, underscored how many of his close associates and supporters became ensnared in corruption cases and other legal troubles, and highlighted again his willingness to use his power to help them and others with connections to him. (Editor’s note: Go read the story. The list of people pardoned is amazing.) (NY Times)

A dramatic shift

Tuesday evening, President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris led a memorial in Washington for the 400,000 Americans who have died from COVID. They both spoke briefly, there was a prayer, there was singing. And, there were lights: 400 lights shining on the Reflecting Pool, one light for every 1,000 people lost.

It was a dramatic shift in tone, mood, and leadership. After four years of Donald Trump, this event — simple, meaningful, moving — was a fitting beginning to the new presidency.

There is much, much to do to repair the damage done to our country by the past four years. But this … this gave us all hope.

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