Extremist Candidate Tracker by Renew America Foundation

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Extremist Candidate Tracker by Renew America Foundation


How do you track political extremist candidates? In real time? Make their past visible so voters know what they really stand for?

This blog explains how Renew America Foundation (RAF) tracks details on hundreds of extremist candidates and shows them on an interactive map. RAF designed this Extremist Candidate Tracker using ArcGIS Online with a little help from DemLabs and advice from Activist/Consultant Eric Cohen from Tzu Strategies.

Tracking extremist candidates with better mapping technology from ArcGIS Online and designed by DemLabs
Check the Extremist Tracker 2022 Map

Collecting details on extremist candidates

A ROAR team collects details on extremist candidates including the position they are running for along with their prior actions and statements. The candidates are assigned one or more categories and entered along with links to online documents, tweets and videos about them. This information can be updated with new details and candidates.

  • D = Denies legitimacy of 2020 election
  • T = Endorsed by Donald Trump
  • Q = Believes in all or parts of QAnon conspiracy theory
  • J = Participated in or supported Jan 6 insurrection
  • C = Spreads COVID-19 disinformation
  • E = Affiliated with or sympathetic to extremist group(s)
  • V = Has made violent statements
  • R = Has made racist, anti-Semitic, or other hateful statements
  • A = Has been credibly accused, indicted, or convicted of domestic abuse
  • CR = Has been credibly accused, indicted, or convicted of criminal activity
  • CO = Has been credibly accused, indicted, or convicted of corruption
  • DI = Spreads disinformation
Collecting details on extremist candidates

Make it easier to track extremist candidates

The information on the extremist candidates is checked and appears on a public map immediately. The map is embedded in the Renew America Foundation website and also shared online through this link https://arcg.is/1LT4X4.

Other groups can also embed the map freely in their websites so more people learn about the extremist candidates with this line of code. As RAF updates the map with new data, all the partner websites with the map are automatically updated as well.

< iframe width=”1080″ height=”720″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen src=”https://arcg.is/1LT4X4″></iframe>

Interactive map makes it easy to track extremist candidates

Exposing Extremist Candidates

The map includes three buttons to make it easier to sort through the extremist candidates and get more details about them.

  • Info button about Renew America Foundation and how to support them
  • Share button with link to the map and how it can be embedded in other websites
  • Filter button which has 12 different criteria. Choose one or more criteria with the slider to see only those candidates on the map.
Clicking on the source of the research about an extremist candidate provides more details.

The threat to American democracy

” President Joe Biden on Wednesday referred to the Trump-led “MAGA” crowd as “the most extreme political organization” in “recent American history.” The comment came in response to a question about the Supreme Court’s draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, which, as written, also attacks landmark LGBTQ civil rights cases. The comments align with earlier statements the president made about the increasingly radical elements in the Republican Party, whose figurehead attempted to overthrow the republic in order to remain in power.” – HuffPost

Renew America Foundation

“Founded on the belief that love for democracy transcends party, the Renew America Foundation (RAF) is a leadership and education organization that seeks to strengthen democratic ideals and norms and advance innovative reforms, without regard to party affiliation or ideology. We engage and inform Americans across the political spectrum who share a commitment to the principles of self-government, Constitutional checks and balances, rule of law, civil dialogue, and honest and honorable leadership.” – RAF

Support renew america foundation

TakeAway: Vote for people who believe in traditional American values such as democracy, the rule of law, tolerance and decency.


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Reposted from Democracy Labs with permission.

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